Oct 19, 2011

Inspiration: The sound of fall

Most every one of my days has a soundtrack playing quitely in the background

For every mood, ever milestone and every season there's always a a new song.
Fall, well Fall is one of my favorites. The world seems to slow down as a single leaf falls from the sky and find it's place amongst those already on the ground. The air is new, and hugs seem to last a little longer to help those you love stay a little bit warmer. Yup, I love fall. Here are a few songs that keep me moving, keep me inspired, or keep me smiling this season. 

Sometimes I forget how good, and how strong God's love is ..  it's good to be reminded.
I'm a romantic at heart, this almost made me cry it's so beautiful. {Angie thanks for introducing me to Mindy Gledhill .. I'm in love}
Ingrid.Michaelson. No need to say more :)

Ellie Goulding, I'm addicted to her voice and this cover is goosebumps-amazing.

Zee Avi is simply one of a kind.

This is a breakup song, I know. But it's so fun and catchy and Sara Bareilles looks ammazing in this video. {One of my favorite tracks from Kaleidoscope Heart}
I hope I'm not the only who wants to now break into song and dance in a leather jacket at the local super market.
Me and Tim fell in love with his music the first time we heard him live. <3
His songs mean alot more than sweet melodies to us now.

What are  you listening to this season?
I'm sure you all know some amazing music I've not yet heard.

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  1. I officially now love the song by Ellie Goulding. soo pretty. and I love Brooke Fraser's music, you might too. :) happy Wednesday! and thank you for the sweet note you left on my blog, too.