Oct 25, 2011

Personal: My Nephew, My Heart

Most days around here involve one sleepy little boy.
He's the talk of the town, the bees knees, and my oh my is he a heavy sleeper. He's the tiniest bundle of handsome I've ever seen. And though he does nothing but sleep and eat all day I can stare at him for hours and never tire of his beautiful face. I love my little Nephew, much more than I knew I could and man is he the sweetest smell in the whole world. My sister, the proud mommy is enjoying every minute with her new little man and is finally blogging over there, now when I'm not at her place I can be "keeping up with the" Limos {lee-moes} fam. Awesome.

Dear Noah, 
I'm sorry I kiss you too much.
And take too many pictures of you.
You are just the cutest and I can't help myself. 

I Love You, 
-Your favorite {and only} Aunt

PS. I've got stories to tell you about your Grams' {"Hotstuff" a.k.a. my mom} when you get older, and how much she loves. 
She's Speedy Gonzales when she knows she gonna see your face. You are loved little one, soo loved.

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  1. ahhh...isn't aunthood bliss???

    mhm. it is... :)