Oct 25, 2011

Teasers: A DC love story

If you and the man you were about to marry were asked to pack up your lives, and move across the country for work ... 
how would you spend your last day, your last few hours saying goodbye to the city where you fell in love?
You run around town like crazies, making out at all your favorite spots,
Soaking every ounce of the city in so that you don't ever forget it.

Then you call up a perfect stranger {me} as suggested by a friend {thanks Jeku
to take pictures of you doing so.
Arlyn & Andrew meeting you two reminded me how much this job means to me and how important it is to capture your memories before they fade too quickly. Your care-free spirits and your willingness to spend your last few hours in DC with a perfect stranger {me} means more than you know.

In life there are many firsts and many lasts. Everything is fleeting, life is always moving. 
If you aren't willing to roll with the punches, you're just sitting on the sidelines not playing in the game. 

Seize the day my friends, and enjoy each day you are given.

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