Nov 8, 2011

Giveaway: FREE Tunes For Tuesday

Music, I love good music. I also love really good free music, who doesn't?

also ... I really love Me & Mr. Cassidy.
These guys are pretty familiar faces on my blog, and if you've taken a gander at my online portfolio you'd hear their lovely voices set the tone for my work. They are ammazing and their music makes me cry on a good day. Now what's the big deal?

Well Me & Mr. Cassidy is about to be a big deal {fingers crossed}. With a big important show this weekend they will be performing in front of some very important Sony Music Label Reps. Yep, only a year of working together this duo is already doing big things. 

If you haven't heard of them before, or haven't heard their beautiful tunes here's a snippets of their album 
Me & Mr. Cassidy Volume 1.
Between the two of them, Hope & Scott {Mr. Cassidy} have played along side or have shared the stage with some pretty incredible artists like The Makepeace Brother, Bushwalla, Jason Mraz {yeah ... still trying to wrap my head around that one}, Avasa & Matty Love ... the list goes on and on. I can only imagine where they'll in another year or two.


 But before they get too big they still haven't been heard by everyone. So to share the love of great music,  and get their tunes out there,
I want to get Me & Mr. Cassidy's 1st album in your hands *** FOR FREE ***

All you have to do is like them, or tweet them, or blog about this. Simple huh?

1. Like Me & Mr. Cassidy on Facebook & leave a comment on this blog post telling me you did ... or
2.  Like Me & Mr. Cassidy on Facebook & tweet me @icaimages telling me there instead 
{please include @meandmrcassidy in your tweet also}

You will get their entire digital album for free, I've got 10 copies to share with you awesome readers! 

OR Blog about this giveaway & leave a comment on this post with a link and email ..

If you want their actual CD instead, signed cover and all.

I'll be heading to California at the end of the week and can pick up 3 free copies from the duo themselves & send them your way as soon as I get back. 
As for the digital copies, I'll be emailing out the albums as soon as I get them this week.

This giveaway ends Thursday at 12 pm pacific standard time.


  1. Hey, Ica. I liked them on facebook months ago. Only thing stopping me from getting their album was money. I'm a broke college student. my email on facebook is and Hope told me about this. <3 Cheers. I hope I get one of the signed hard copies. That would mean the world to me.

  2. so exciting! They make such beautiful music! just liked them on facebook!


  3. I love and support anything that is miss Hopie. I <3 on fb & follow on twit. I've always known, anything she did would turn to gold.
    perfectionlost (@)mac(dot)com