Nov 8, 2011

Personal: Baby Blues

Yesterday my handsome little nephew Noah turned one month old!

One month, already! It was so fast and every day we go to visit him he gets bigger and bigger.
So in honor of his 1 month birthday, me and my mom made him a cake!!!
Dearest Noah, Your Grams and I love you soo much, 
you're the only boy in the world we'd bake a cake for every month of the year.
Oh man, the faces this boy makes melt our hearts ... even the "I'm hungry faces" too.
This is his signature "I'm happy" face. Yup, that's Noah for you.
Having a boy in the family is new stuff for me, my mom and even my big sis ... the blue everywhere is still to grow on us. We missed Noah's dad as he went off to work during our cake party, but it's ok we made sure he brought some blue cupcakes to work to celebrate anyways!!

Little baby Noah, we love you chubs!!!

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