Feb 21, 2012

Personal: Always a Photographer, finally a bride

As my fiance and I start this wedding planning process, 
I can't help but think about all of the weddings and engagement sessions I have shot myself.
It makes me want to dance just thinking about how blessed I have been by every bride I have encountered, every groom that has shown me kindness, 
every family member and or guest that has made my nights of work not feel like work at all. 
Every shoot and every wedding has made me wonder what each bride feels in this season of their lives.
I try to imagine how exited they are, how in love they are with their grooms, and how completely loved they feel. 
I try to imagine those feelings and translate them the best I can through my camera so that at the end of the day
 the images on my screen are not merely "Ica Images" but memories and moments of love and life.
And though I've been with my dearest Timothy for amost 5 years and have shot all those weddings within our five years of dating, 
everything feels different now. Weddings feel different now.
Being engaged, now I know exactly how these brides feel and I don't have to guess.
Attending weddings, getting inquiries from brides telling me about their proposals, 
or simply watching movies with weddings and proposals get me in a way they never have before.
To all of the brides I've ever had the pleasure of working with, 
Thank you all so much for having me take part in your wedding days. 
The closer I get to my own wedding, the more I appreciate your openness with me; a stranger,
on the most important day of your life. Finally becoming a bride myself I understand my role as
a wedding photographer that much more. 
Thank you for your kindness, trust and friendship, I couldn't do my job without it.
I think I love my job just a little bit more each day because of where I am in my life right now.
God is so good and I feel so incredibly blessed.
And though it feels strange to be on this side of the story, it feels right.

I might know how to be a wedding photographer, but as a first time bride and soon to be wife ...
I'd love to hear some tips, advice or pointers from you incredible brides out there.

I'm crossing some uncharted wedding territory over here. <3

Happy Tuesday Friends!!


  1. If you are as amazing a wife as you are a photographer, Tim is going to be blessed beyond belief!

    The first thing I'd say is to ENJOY! I had so much fun planning our wedding, not by myself but with Rob together. We did so many little crafts and DIYs together - the best part! It is such a special time to make your wedding the way YOU want it to be and uniquely ICA and TIM. You only get to do it once. :)

    Secondly, continue to grow and love God together. Work through hard things. Pray together. Get into the Word. Continue to keep Jesus at the center. :)

  2. Aww thank you Carol! You are such a blessing. And I'll make sure I do all these things the best I can. <3

  3. Hmm. I've never been a bride... but I would LOVE to photograph you and your fiance when I'm in DC.

  4. Meg you are too sweet! When is the next time you will be in DC?