Feb 16, 2012

Personal: California Fun-umentary 2012

I think no amount of video footage can do justice to the weeks I spend in California last month.
But I've gone and tried any ways.

My weeks there were so full. Even counting 3 or 4 peaceful days spent alone at "home" editing and doing work . I loved every single second of my trip there, most especially random burst of dance, a bachelorette party that had us running around like crazies, eating alligator hotdogs, and thrifting almost daily. I'm pretty sure I visited every thrift store within a 20 mile radius from my friend's house. I managed to squeeze in a morning run to another friend's house, 2 photoshoots, attended 2 sweet weddings, and ended with an awesome trip to Disneyland with my family. My stomach was always full, as was my heart. 

And though many moments were not captured on camera {or captured on someone elses camera}
 those moments and conversations will be the real important moments I will cherish and remember forever. 

To all my lovely friends in California,
Thank you for making every second of my trip feel like home. 
You guys are truly amazing and know how to make a girl feel loved.
Miss you guys, but you know me ... I'll be back.

// Extra Love: To "my sister's from another mister" quoted from their dad himself; ReinnaRjRuby  and of course "bruder" Ryan-boy;
Thank you for treating me like your own. I am beyond blessed to have each of you in  my life. Thanks for not simply taking care of me but also my family the week they were there. And don't get me started on your parents // Tito Alex and Tita Lolit I know you check my blog sometimes, so thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for always letting your home be my home-away-from-home each time I visit. Thank you for showing me love like Christ's love and for always feeding my tummy the best food ever. I love you west coast family with my whole heart. And till we can't wait to see you all again in VA for another wedding .. wink wink! // 


  1. Ica, you're SUCH a cute dancer :D. LOVED the video! Thank you for sharing it with us :D :D.

  2. I don't even know you and I loved this video!! SO fun!

  3. So glad I got to see your dancey dances in person! sweet moves, sweet vid. Xo

  4. i. love. you. so. freaking. much!

  5. thank you ladies!!!

    i love you julia and rj!!!