Apr 18, 2012

Engaged: Angie and Emil

This shoot is quite possibly one of my all time favorite shoots ever.
I know, I think I've said that quite a few times ... But I truly mean it about this shoot.

This October my best friend is going to marry her very best friend ... and I'm kind of really excited!
My best friend Angie has been dating Emil since we were in highschool {about 7 or 8 years now}. 
The two of them just make sense, they're like two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together.
I think everyone kind of knew that the moment they started dating there would probably be no end to what they had just started. 
We were right and now there are only happy beginnings coming their way.
I remember spending a weekend with these two sometime right before they started dating, freshman year of highschool I think. Anyways, already I felt like the third wheel with these two, not that I was utterly uncomfortable I was actually the complete opposite. But there was definitely something in the air between the two of them, something tangible and quite noticable. 

It wasn't too long after that, that I had a conversation with each of them and I knew things were getting real, and things were changing. She called me talking about him. He called me asking about her. I was that friend kind of stuck in the middle waiting for them each to do something about it.  
Now this is the part that gets kind of hazy, coz just like that they were together. 
I'm sure they remember when, where, and how things played out {I obviously wasn't there .. haha} all I knew was that they eventually got together.
For a long time I wondered what it was like to be with someone for that long.
Through out the course of highschool they stayed together, and during that time I remembered thinking 4 years sounded like an eternity. 

I wondered things like ...
Do you really still like a person in year 2 compaired to year 1?
 Or what don't you know about the other person in year 4 that you didn't in year 3?

Never being in a serious relationship myself ... those things were so foreign to me. 
I was nieve and frankly I never really dated. Not coz I didn't want to, but because I simply knew I was young emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I had some growing up to do before getting a boy involved. 

But now I finally know what that looks and feels like. Having been with Tim for 5 years now, I can say years 1-4 came and went so quickly. 4 years wasn't the eternity that I thought it'd be. 

Looking at Angie and Emil now, I still wonder what it'll be like at year 7 and year 8 for Tim and I.
But what I see from them, I love and I'm excited for. 
Everyone has their own story. Angie and Emil have a story that's stood the test of time.
God's brought them along way and I know the future He has in store for their love, marriage and future is filled with more of His faithfulness and His blessings.
When you are with someone for that long you grow, and change, and learn with them, and from them.
I see so much of this between Angie and Emil.
Growing up is a funny thing. It feels like you'll never get there, then one day you wake up and you're kind of there.
Emil and Angie are two awesome nurses in DC {yes nurses} and in just a few more months they'll be married and living together. 
It's so much easier for me to grasp this concept when two perfect strangers tell me their story and their plans.
But when it's your best friend getting married, growing up becomes even more real.
I've loved and enjoyed every ounce of wedding fun with Angie.
And before getting engaged myself, it was fun living vicariously through her wedding for a while.
Their wedding is going to be one beautiful day ... a fairytale really. 

And as her bridesmaid and friend... let me tell you, she's going to be one gorgeous bride.

Gorgeous I tell ya!
Friends thank you for planning the most beautiful Spring-like-shoot for me last fall! 
{Yes, these pretty florals all bloomed last fall.}

And most importantly, thank you for letting me take your engagement photos and finally getting you two lovebirds some nice photos together. 
Angie and Emil, you both already know this ... but thank you for being such a blessing in my life.
I love you guys dearly! 


  1. great pictures! i love the colors. where was this?

  2. how beautiful! the story and the pictures!

    Love is so inspiring :)

  3. Awww! I love the love story behind the photographs! Good job.