Apr 17, 2012

Teasers: A few sweet updates

I just now realized I haven't blogged all month long. {So sorry friends.}
Not that I don't have stories to tell, or photos to share, this month is simply slipping past me. A year from now I'll be marrying the man I love so marriage and wedding prep has begun full throttle. Wedding planning keeps you busy ya know{to my brides I now understand}.

Anyways this teaser has been along time coming. 
Back in January I did the most fun photoshoot with the help of my dear friend Christian.
It was a joy and a blessing to shoot the spring/summer line for Misha Lulu and Misha Lulu for Hello Kitty. 
Though I won't be able to share real images from this shoot for a little while 
Misha Lulu's home page is now a sweet teaser of what's to come! Can't wait till it launches.

You might remember that a few weeks ago I took a day trip up to NYC to visit my dearest cousin and take her headshots. It was nothing too fancy just some standard acting headshots and here's what I got with some of Brooklyn's natural light and a sweet reflector.
Who knew a small Brooklyn apartment would be the most amazing natural light studio? 

Anywhos, my dearest cousin told me she was working in a music video while I was doing her headshots. I was so excited for when it came out, and I just saw it this week. Enjoy!

 Let me back track a little and interject another sweet video you guys might appreciate. Back to the beautifully lit Brooklyn apartment we shot at. It was my cousins' friend's friend's apartment and was filled with quite awesome decorating. After some muffins, and our sweet little shoot we talked, walked around the place and Joseph {said friend of my cousin's friend} showed us some of his fun gadgets in his room.
A floating book? Amazing right? Well watch this video ... it get's better.
Fun huh?

Last little teaser bit to end this post before I go. 
A few weeks ago me and my fiance had our engagement shoot! 
It was surreal to be on the other end of the camera for once but my friend Megan Tsang did amazing! 
We love you Meg! And we can't wait to share more photos .. Meg's work is incredible!

Hope your April has been as lovely as mine friends, minus the allergies of course!
Happy Tuesday guys!

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  1. Oh, I love the photos for Misha Lulu -- so sweet! and you two are just adorable, ica! :)