Apr 25, 2012

Engaged: Ashley and Glenn

 This week is one special wedding filled week. A few of my friends are getting married, both in Florida and here in Maryland.
 Today two of my dear friends Glenn and Ashley will be getting married!
Their wedding is going to be on the beach in sunny Florida and though I won't be there with them I'm certain everything will be simply beautiful. 
Glenn is a friend who I've grown up with at church. He's really like a brother.
He's goofy, fun to be around and is spontaneous.

 These lovebirds met and fell in love in college while they were still attending Liberty University.
Though Ashley looks American, don't be fooled this girl is much more Filippino than I am.
Ashley was born and raised in the Philippines because her parents were missionaries there.
She calls the Philippines home and she speaks a dialect call Cebuano fluently. 
When Glenn first told me about Ashley I could see how giddy he was on the inside.
She sounded perfect and I remember how eager I was to meet her.
 Well Ashley was perfect for Glenn from the Start. Ashley is the biggest sweetheart, she's smart and silly too everything good for Glenn. She's become one of my many "sisters" here at home and I love her to pieces.
 I can't believe their getting married this week!

It's that year in my life where I feel like all of my friends are getting married. They are the number 3 couple so far this year and the first from my home church. We're growing up you guys!
Ashley and Glenn I'll be praying for you guys this weekend, I hope everything is simply perfect for you both on your wedding day and I can't wait to celebrate with you both as soon as you get home. I miss you guys and love you so very much. 
It was not too far from this bridge looking out at the Jefferson memorial where Glenn proposed to Ashley last fall. Time has flown by so quickly.
 {Kind of my favorite photo from our shoot}
Thank you so much for sharing your "spot" with me during our shoot guys and I am so happy for you guys. I'm thinking about you guys today and I'm praying for you both. God is going to amazing things in your marriage, and through your marriage I know that for sure. You're getting married today! Ahhhhh! I LOVE YOU BOTH SOO MUCH!

The wedding fun does not end here this weekend. I will actually be shooting and attending my friends' Abby and Drew's wedding on Saturday. It's going to be all kinds of wonderful, not to mention Abby's my future sister-in-law!! So much happy going on this weekend and I can't wait to start celebrating.

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