Jun 27, 2012

Personal: Family Vacation Time

Summer is here so of course we have to squeeze in our annual family trip down to Virginia Beach/Norfolk.
Before I go on, I want to dedicate this post to the sweet swing that no longer sits behind the beach house. I was devastated when I saw that it was taken down and replaced by an eye sore of a water pump. I was soo excited to get another picture on it like last year's epic picture by my fiance ... but I guess it will be the one and only.
Inhale .... exhale, the start of every sweet get away.
Heart shaped clouds, constant winds, and warm waves embraced us upon our first morning at the beach.

Our "home away from home" surrounded us with warmth and charm.
And we added 3 more family members to our trip this year that didn't get to make it last year.

Of course my insanely adorable nephew, Noah made his debut to our family trip. I think he rather enjoyed himself.
My cousin Jet also joined in on the merriment, He was our alarm system and Mac and Daisie's play mate.
And finally my brother in law Terrence! It worked out perfectly and he was able to finally join us this year instead of getting stuck at work. Woot woot!

While we were down in the Viginia beach area we made sure to get in a game or two of mini golf.
It was one hilarious 36 hole game. We had a baby, a stroller, and my fiance had a boot on from rolling his ankle.
But we had ourselves an amazing time and enjoyed all the laughs.
Before we left the park my fiance helped me get the courage to go "flying" with him.
It was not as scary as it looked, now I'm ready to skydive {maybe}.

For June it was unseasonably windy and a tad chilly the weekend of our trip but we still made sure to get our toes in the sand reguardless of the cooler air.
Though Noah loves playing in his bath water, poor guy is slightly afraid of the ocean. 
And he didn't know what to make of the sand and refused to sit in it.
So funny story. Though we were at the beach that day no one actually went swimming. Finally when everyone went back inside and I was alone on the beach, I decided to get my toes wet. To my surprise the waves were bath water warm though the wind was chilly. I went for it and jump in the water solo and I did not regret it one bit.
We love family time.
No trip is a real trip without a game of Banana grams.
And same goes for thrifting. 

During last year's trip my cousins, Tim and I went thrifting on a whim and boy did we hit the jackpot. 
We learned that Norfolk's thrift stores are a goldmine of antiques and vintage beauties.

This year thifting in Norfolk was on our agenda for sure and we hit more thrift stores than we did last year, I was in heaven.

We joked around about renting a U hal truck to bring some treasures back with us because none of it would fit in Tim's car, but we restrained ourselves. 
Though we might need to plan a roadtrip down to Norfolk one weekend just to thrift with a U hal ready to actually haul back some treasures.
I may have restrained myself alot, but I didn't come home empty handed. Tim and I got some sweet lace for our wedding and I got a great vintage dress I'm dying to alter and wear out and about.

On one of our evenings Tim and I opted to go for a walk on the fishing pier as my family went out for cold Filippino desserts.
It was a sweet evening {and a bit chilly} with my best friend.
Our walk on the pier was a nice, but a little crowed and unsafe for my large camera {because of the wind and huge waves coming it} so the only photos we got on the pier together are on our ipods.
But I love our photos anyways.

I love you summer sun.

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