Jun 29, 2012

Teasers: Jackie and Chris

 100 degree weather and DC traffic did nothing to dampen our spirits, yesterday's photoshoot of our friends Jackie and Chris was still amazing.
We love you soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Miller!!
Thank you for spending the day with Tim and I, running around in the sun finding hidden alleys and sharing an afternoon of laughter. You two are a blessing.
 I've never been more giddy at a shoot, these two melt my heart.
Two college roommates, and two fellow brides ... we love them.
Ps. Chris will be THEE tallest groomsmen at our wedding for sure. Love it!
 Chris and Jackie you both are such a blessing. It breaks my heart that I'm not able to attend your wedding, but I'm so happy for you two and I know God's favor is on you and your wedding day will be perfect! God has had everything planned out for you guys and has only the best in store for you. In my absence I'll make sure Tim dances it up for the both of us and I'll be praying for beautiful weather for your wedding day! Glad I can help cross out another item off your wedding to-do list, you know us brides should stick together!

Another double date? Sounds like a challenge!

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