Jul 10, 2012

Personal: Our Engagement Photos

These pictures makes me want to dance!
In this season of being engaged Tim and I have seen more kindness than we deserve.

My sweet blogger friend, Meg Tsang just posted some of our engagement photos on her blog.
She made me cry with her post, and I can't thank her enough for being such a blessing. 

For our engagement shoot we went down to Fletcher's Cove, the place was so lovely and it suit us so well.
Tim and I love being outdoors. We like hiking in the woods, we love jumping off of rope swings down by the river, we love picnics and we love cloud watching. 

We also have a sweet spot for water. We spent a summer almost always on the water; swimming in the river, at the beach or at the pool, we went tubing on friend's boats, and we even spent a whole morning kayaking till our arms couldn't take it any more.  

"If I were a boat my darling, a boat my darling ... I'd be the wind at your back.
If I were afraid my darling, afraid my darling ... I'd be the courage you lack."

We sang this song at our friends' wedding back in February and it really is one of our favorite songs.

If you want a peak at more of our photos mozy on over to Meg's post.

Again thank you sweet Meg and I'm soo happy to finally call you my "real life friend". 


  1. Bestie, you are gorgeous beyond words. Being in love suits you so well. And as for Tim, he is quite the catch too. Together you guys make the most endearing couple. I can't wait for the exciting months ahead for you! Miss you as always <3

  2. first off, i love your engagement photos!

    secondly, and i am not exaggerating one single bit, i was already randomly listening to "the boat song" when i clicked on your blog post!! i was just thinking about how to incorporate this song in my wedding next month (!) time is flying! best of luck with everything. xoxo