Aug 29, 2012

One on One Session: With Alison + Sweet Bridal Portraits

Last week I got a chance to spend an evening with a new friend and an old friend,  sharing two things I'm passionate about, photography and weddings.
{my model and friend Meghan, myself, and my new friend Alison}

Two weeks ago I received a sweet email from budding photographer Alison. She's got quite the porfolio and so much talent, as you can see on her sweet blog. She contacted me for a one on one session because she wants to start shooting weddings, which I'm certain she'll be great at. So we set up our session for just the two of us, but then I wanted to go even further and I wanted her to practice working with a bride. 

Two days before our session I asked around if any one was free or even interested to model for us with their wedding dress, thankfully it worked out that my darling friend Meghan could. 

Here's some photos from our shoot.
I love, love, love Meghan's ring!
Alison handled herself like a pro I'm dying to see the images she took.

The three of us had a blast talking while shooting. Alison was actually refered to me by one of my friends, who is also one of Meghan's college friends {Thank you Joanna!}. Sharing friends is always fun. And the more Alison and Meghan got talking the more they had in common, like Cru and mutual friends in the ministry. The world seems to get smaller the older you get.
Another thing the three of us couldn't stop talking about is weddings {not just photographing weddings}. Alison is also engaged and is a little over a month away from her wedding. YAY! If you put two engaged girls in a room together wedding talk could go on forever. The conversation gets even more interesting with a newly wedding near by, with her wedding dress in hand and wedding stories galor. We could have talked all night.
 Meg, you are gorgeous my friend!

The rest of the evening was spent talking, eating, laughing, fellowshipping and learning. It couldn't have been a better Thursday night. It was a blast spending time with Alison and getting to know another sweet photographer who shares the same faith,  the same love for rustic beauty, who also has a sweet spot for young, fun love. But more importantly it's always a treat to gain a new friend. Alison you're going to be great, and I know your calendar is going to fill up faster than you think! I'm so excited for you and I know God has much in store for you. Happy wedding planning, you're almost there!!!!

A big thanks again goes out to Meg, you're such a doll for modeling for us!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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