Aug 26, 2012

Teasers: David & Ana Sofia

When you get older life has its ways of coming full circle.
 Sophomore year of high school I developed my first rolls of black and white film. 
My beautiful friend Ana made her way on to so many of those rolls.
 She was one of my first, and still is one of my favorite models.
 And today I not only witnessed her marry the man she loves, but I was there every step of the way with my camera in hand.
I never blog this much the day of a wedding, but I can't help myself this time around.
 This wasn't a photoshoot, today really happened.
This gorgeous friend of mine is now a Mrs. 
 David and Ana, I've been rooting for you guys from the start .
 Though your life together has only just begun, your love and relationship has already stood the test of time, distance, and many goodbyes. 
Your courage to never give up on love, and never give up on each other is inspiring and truly beautiful to witness. 
I love you David and Ana and I pray nothing but the best for you both in life and in marriage.
 It was so sweet celebrating this day with some of our high school friends. We're not a bunch of kids any more.
I love you Topi! You're offically a wife!!!!!!