Oct 8, 2012

Personal: Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!

Today my sweet little nephew Noah turned one!
He's such a big boy now, and it's all happened so quickly. Each day I love him more and more.

Since the day he was born I've be loving on him way way too much, always taking way to many pictures of him, and recording on video as many minutes of this little man's life as I possibly can. 

And like I did on his actual birth day, I put together a little birthday video for my favorite little boy.

Noah June you are the sweetest little blessing, little guy!

Watching you grow, change, learn, play, cry, "hulk", give kisses, crawl, walk, giggle and smile ... makes my heart full daily. You are so many wonderful things baby boy. You are so brave and so adventurous. You are so silly and playful, I never want to end our play time together. You my love, will be one amazing musician some day, I just know it! Grammy and me will teach you all that we know about music, promise! You are also too cute for your own good. I'm sure you'll be a heart breaker one day, one day really really really far from now. {You can blame your mommy for those heart breaking genes, or maybe even your Grammy!} 

You make me so proud, and make me feel so loved. I can only imagine your mom and dad feel the same but a million times more than what I feel.  If me and your Grammy aren't with you ... we are always talking about you, thinking about you or praying for you. 
You are sooo loved bubba and you will always be.

Happy 1st birthday Noah ... I CAN'T wait for your birthday party!!!!!!!!!! 

<3 Auntie Ica


We had a great time celebrating his birthday at church today,
but just you wait 'coz this Saturday we are all going bananas at his birthday party!!
Noah learned how to walk just in time for his birthday so all he wants to do was walk and walk all over the place. 
I can't believe they have been a family of 3 for a year now. Time flies!
I want them to have more little babies so I can play with them all day long and smother them with kisses!
You just don't know. Me and my family have been baking Noah cakes every month since he was born.  Some times we cheated and got store bought cakes, or celebrated a day or two late, or like busy bee me I even missed it a time or two ... but for the most part we did it. We celebrated at home, at the airport, or someone's house. Each month on the 7th we had cake though Noah could never eat any of it, so it was really all for us. 

But today was all him and man was I excited to introduce him to my favorite food group, cake.

We sang him Happy Birthday, so confused by it all and with the help of his friends he blew out his candles.
The next part was all instint for me. As soon as the candles were blown I grabbed a finger full of icing and got him on the face. That's just how birthdays go around here. Then his daddy followed up with more icing for him to finally taste. 
He didn't seem too impressed at first, but then he grabbed a fist full of cake soon after. He's a fan!
I got to admit it was the moment I was waiting 12 months for.
Cake is my weakness and my love. 
Watching Noah eat it for the first time, is like watching fireworks for me. 
You just don't want it to end!

We all know his mom and dad are going to hate me for my love of cake soon. 
Because once this guy learned how to say the word cake ...
I'm probably always going to give in every time he asks for it and then eat some right there with him. Then I won't be the only fat kid who loves cake.
Oh Noah June, I love you so so so so much!
And I can't wait to eat more cake with you this weekend!!!!

{But you know you can't have as much cake as your Auntie Ica does.
 No one should, not even your Auntie. 
But she still eats cake it like there's no tomorrow. 
I'm saying this to you, because if I didn't your mommy would kill me.}

Happiest Birthday kiddo!

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