Oct 19, 2012

Personal: Noah's Farm Birthday Party.

This has been one of the most eventful Octobers for me. Last weekend my nephew had his very first birthday party on a farm with all his friends and family.

There was so much to do, so many animals to see, and endless fun and food for all.

Everyone was a fan of the wagon ride.
Even the parents enjoyed.
I can't believe this handsome guy is already one. It happened so fast. 
Because he just learned how to walk a few weeks ago, he made sure to show everyone his walking skills at his party.
So many of his friends came out and played all day long.
And a handful of us made sure to dress the part while on the farm.
My sister did so much to make this party a fun as can be. 
These sweet little goodie bags were the cutest!
Noah's a fan.
One of the best parts of the day were the sac races.
I don't have too many photos from our races, but I do have the best videos from it that I'll share soon.
The kids enjoyed every bit of the sac races.
But not as much as the "big kids".
It was one of the most epic, laugher filled, tackle, sac races ever!
From start to finish it was a roar of laughter and people falling down left and right.
It was amazing.
Noah's Uncle Tyrone & Auntie Ica.

Words can not express how much I love this boy.
Noah makes every day a thousand times better, even the best days. He makes me so insanely proud. He makes me laugh constantly and even makes me smile when he's being naughty. He simply is the best and the bigger he gets the more fun he get. Though he already is one of the most fun people in my life!
You know you were waiting for it, CAKE!!!
My mom orded this ammmmmazing strawberry cake for Noah's party and man did they do an awesome job on the barn.

  Just some of Noah's adorable friends who came to share this sweet day with him.
What also made it special was our sweet friends who came from near and far to celebrate with us too.
These lovely ladies are my BEST friends!
These are the 7 ladies I grew up with and can't imagine my life without.
We are 4 pairs of sisters & one only child {who's practically my sister}.
We were sad we were missing one more of my besties who was still in California that day.

Growing up has moved us all apart, so we are rarely a complete set of 9 anymore. 
But when we are complete it always feels like "home" again.
Tomorrow the beauty on the very right, my bestie Angie is getting married and we will all be complete again. 
She will be the first of the younger sisters to get married ... that's crazy!!!

Ok back to Noah and his friends.
My fiance and one of my good friends Ljae played like all the other little kids. I love them.
Granda loving! Noah loves his grandmas.
We're quite a lovely bunch.

Sissy and Terrence, Noah's party was such great fun!!!

I love you guys and can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with this little one.
Ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terrence. I love you brother and let's do a post birth bowling bash once again!!
Noah's party was so much fun. Never have I even celebrated a birthday on a farm and now I'm a huge fan!

I love you Noah!! 
<3 Auntie

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  1. Awwww, that looked SO FUN! And your outfit was great, by the way :D