Oct 19, 2012

Personal: My bestie is getting Married!!

Tomorrow my best friend Angie is marring her best friend!!!! 
I'm bursting with excitement!

This has been one of thee sweetest and most amazing seasons in our 12 years of friendship.

This year has been filled with helping plan, design, and prepare for her wedding and it's finally here!!!
We've spent endless days shopping, and dreaming up ideas, dress shopping and "researching". 
And these past few days have been filled to the brim with wedding crafts galor.

What has made helping prepare for her wedding that much more fun, is planning our weddings at the same time.
Being brides together, and being each other's bridesmaids has been the sweetest blessing!

I will miss doing wedding stuff together and getting asked "Who's getting married?"
And we both answer ... "Both of us. Not to each other though."
It's been the most fun thing to explain.


Life has taken us down many different paths, both near and far ... but no matter what Angie and I have remained so close. We can go weeks, or even months not seeing each other but the instant we are together it's like nothing's changed and we pick back up where we left off. 

{In no particular order here are some photos of us through out the years.}

This last year has definitely brought us the closest we've ever been and it's made us more aware of how
different we really are. 

Take our weddings for example, there could not be two more opposite weddings of two best friends ever.
Hers is formal, fancy, classiest of classy, fall, dark warm colors and sooo Angie.
Mine will be casual, spring time, light colors, outdoorsy, rustic, vintage and playful and sooo Ica.

Yet we are best friends.
 She's book smart, I'm crafty.
She's a nurse and I take pictures.
 She's more reserved and classic,
I'm all over the place.
 Angie never cries, I always cry ... about everything.
 My closet is like a crayon box ... all the colors of the rainbow.
Her closet is monocrom.
 There are soo many more differences between us, but that's what makes our friendship beautiful.
 I could not be more excited for Angie and her man, Emil. 
I love them both dearly and I know that their wedding day will be amazing!

But most importantly I know that the marriage they will have will always be God-centered, blessing filled and a marriage that emulates the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Angie and Emil are probably the most selfless people I know, always thinking about other and serving other. I know that their marriage will be one for the rest of us to follow after, and look up to.

I'm getting teary eyed {as I always always do} just overwhelmed with joy for my bestie.
Angie is the kind of person everyone strives to be. She's always gentle, loving, friendly, sweet, honest and genuine, loyal, in crazy circumstances she's always so calm, and considerate. She always looks put together even after 3 days of back to back 12 hours shifts at the hospital. And she does all of this effortlessly and with so much grace.
 She's one of the best friends a girl could ask for. 
There is no doubt in my mind that she will be one of the most incredible wives that ever were!
 Not to mention, one drop dead gorgeous bride!!!!!
I'm not going to lie, I helped her pick out her wedding dress ... and it's perfection on her!!!!
 Justinne Angeline, thank you for being my best friend and for letting me bare the tittle "bridesmaid" this past year. It's been one of the greatest joys to serve you for once, the way you serve everyone else around you. Tomorrow will be absolutely amazing and I promise I will cry enough for both of us.

I love you soo much!
<3 Bestie.