Dec 15, 2012

Bride Diaries: My West Coast Bachelorette Party!

About a week ago my LA besties dressed me up, made me shine, and treated me to a day of bachelorette bliss!
If you know me you know that I love to craft. It's in my blood. 
Well these fine ladies of mine took me to celebrate at one of LA's darling craft fairs, Renegade for the afternoon. 
Yep, a bachelorette party at a craft fair ... so utterly me and so utterly perfect. 
I'm a craft nerd through and through.
We sipped some sweet wine, shared stories and salavated over the selection of handmade stocking stuffers all afternoon. Try saying that ten times fast.
It was an afternoon of sheer bliss.
A million and one kisses goes out to one of the greatest friends a gal could ask for, Hope.
Not to mention that she's one of my most talented friends, a bridesmaid extrodinaire, and an incredible best friend to all her best friends {which are many}
 ... I'm honored to be one of the lucky ones. It was her brilliant idea to fly me out to LA for my last "single lady" trip for both work and play, though it all felt like play honestly.
My sweet Sam came out to play all day too. 
This sweet surfer babe and I were fellow bridesmaids earlier in the year and have since become kindred spirits.
I refrained from buying everything in sight, and let me tell you ... it was no easy task.

I felt silly, and so special wearing my handmade golden wreath all day long ... it made me want to dance, dance, dance. 
Things got pretty wild and crazy and we even got tattoos ... at the stamp station. 
More silliness I know, but I DID come home with a nose piercing. Sorry Mom. hehehehe.
 Well it was on my bucket list of things to do before I got married. And I actually did it.
My other babe of a bridesmaid, Reinna made my sweet wreath {that I never wanted to take off} and helped to make sure my day was filled with laughter, games, and lots of my favorite things. She spilled most of the secrets of my bachelorette party during the course of the week I was there {oops} ... but this is one of the many things I love about my Rein. 
How about my baby sister from another Mister? RJ!!! 
Another reason why I love Reinna is because she shares her siblings with me so I get a "baby sister" everytime I fly west. I love my RJ to the bones!
She's one of the most infectious, inspiring, creative firecrackers that ever were.

Blurry and beautiful ... I love me and my cohorts.

It was one of the dreamest, craft filled afternoons I ever had.
 I left with a handful of handmade goodies, some to keep and some to share.
Though the sun was setting my day was not yet though. 
We changed gears and chilled out.
And I waited patiently for the next surprise.
Back at Reinna's parent's house while we were partying the afternoon away, Reinna's loving and talented husband Christian dressed up the backyard just for me.

Christian is one incredible stylist, if he wasn't such an incredible photographer {this week was a BIG week for him and Reinna} ... he'd be a world class event planner in a heartbeat.
I cried, I was overwhelmed by so much love and so much pretty around me.
Thank you again Christian for taking time out of incredible busy week {Praise God for the blessing of busyness} to make my night even more magical. You always make me cry Chris!!!
And how about walking into someone else's backyard filled with pictures of you and your soon to be husband? I was floored. 
Hope, thank you for such a sweet, sentimental, and unforgettable gift.
These photos will hang in our future home, and I have you to thank everytime I look at them.

I was wined and dined like no other that night. 
Hope, thank you for loving on me by making my tummy so very happy with your yummy cooking.
I crave it right now as I type.
They spoiled me rotton I tell ya.
Most especially with laughter.

I nearly peed my pants a few times.
And yes, my brothers from a few other mothers partied with us too. It felt more like an engagement party with them around ... but they left me alone to be a bride with my ladies when it was right.

Ever let 3 boys make a wedding gown out of toilet paper? You need to.
As if my day wasn't good enough ...
Rein and Hope made sure my night was filled with many of my favorite treats.
Like red velvet, my favorite bubblies, my favorite candies and silliness galor.
There's no place I've traveled more to in my single years than to this place, with these crazy people.
I love them dearly {And though many were missing ... missed you guys madly, you ladies know who you are}, I'm so thankful for all the kidness, grace, and the endless love I've been shown by my LA fam. 
You guys surely know how to make a girl feel special.


  1. Hi Ica,

    I love your pictures from your bachelorette party. The decorations were fantastic. I have a question: What is the garland (looks like large pearls) that was strung over the tables made from? or Where can I buy them? I am planning my best friend's shower and I would love to be able to use that idea.

    1. Hi Crystal!

      Don't you love the pompoms? They are actually just pompom yarn from Michaels! My friends used the most simple things but made that night the most magical! it's a fantastic idea! i'd love to see the photos of your friend's shower if the yarn if you don't mind. i love seeing party pictures!


    2. Of course! It's not til June. Buti will definitely share! I just bought the yarn today!