Dec 27, 2012

Personal: Christmas

I'm a little late in greeting you all here, but hope you all had a wonderful & merry Christmas!

It being the last "single" Christmas of mine,  I've been soaking it all in for what it's worth.
My Christmas-ing began with opening lovingly wrapped presents from my fiance. And I tell ya, that man will avoid anything that has to do with folding or wrapping at all costs so a wrapped box is a gift in and of itself.
I was overwhelmed with another army of vintage cameras from my love. All together Tim's bought me 19 vintage cameras and we are both equally as excited to use them at our wedding and in our future home.

In turn I got Tim a handful of presents that he will use on our wedding day. It's becoming more and more real folks!

How about my Christmas accessory of choice, my reindeer antlers. I've worn them almost everyday this week both in and out of the house and I've grown quite attached to them.
At our annual church Christmas party these two lovebirds got engaged and I was front and center tearing up with excitement for them.
When Christmas morning came, I made sure to supply my sister and my cousins with antlers of their own before breaking into our presents. They loved it!
I was sooo excited to get my favorite little boy a toy I knew he would love.
He can't get enough of the drums at church so I thought he should have a little one of his own.
It made me so insanely happy seeing him play his little heart out on those drums.
Noah and his mommy and daddy got me a big girl toy in return. I'm in love with my new curling iron. Gone are the days I have to curl my hair with a straightener!
There were so many wonderful laughs all morning long, one came with a smelly surprise from one of the dogs.
I can't tell you how much more fun Christmas is with a baby around. 
Especially this singing and dancing nephew of mine.
A lot of this week was spent bonding with my cousins who no longer live here at home.
When us four are together there are endless laughs, and crazy stories. It's like we are kids once again.
Hope your last few days of the year are still so merry and bright friends!


  1. I love these pictures!!! I really thinks your tree is so beautiful!!!!

  2. you have beautiful handwriting!!! :)