Jan 29, 2013

Whoops! Two Missed Monday's Muse

Just like that the days are slipping by and coming and going quicker than ever.

Please excuse my absence over the past two mondays. Last monday me and my fiance along with our parents went "apartment hunting" for the first time. Which some how turned into a possible house hunt? Maybe. We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for us. Big, little, house, or apartment ... looking for "home" is quite a beautiful adventure. Please pray for us as we play the waiting & searching game. 

As for this monday, yesterday was fully dedicated to wedding invitation making. And though I've been working on it for weeks, the little details that I live for are taking more time than I had anticipated. But it's so worth it. *The little details are always worth it.

Anywhos, today I'm sharing two lovely things that inspire me, gold and my fiance.  

I'm a gold lover through and through, everything and anything gold I love.
Like my new HOMAKO necklace I was eyeing for months and got a gift card for this christmas.
Or every single piece of handmade goodness at Bario Neal, my offical wedding band jeweler in Philadelphia. I didn't get this cocktail ring but I'm obsessed with it and want to add it to my ring collection some day. 
I love my gold nailpolish. It's like wearing jewelry on your hands, without wearing jewelry.
Similar nailpolish at Anthro: here
And this lovely little balero that's sparkles of gold and happiness!!!
My golden handmade wreath from my bachelorette party in LA that hangs next to my desk as I wedding plan and craft everyday.
And finally golden light and golden hour, who doesn't get inspired by it? If i catch a glimpse of it outside my window or while I'm out walking I always stop and take it all in. God's creations are never more beautiful than in the light that reminds us that our days aren't forever, or the light that brings us new mercy every morning. 

My second source of inspiration is my fiance. 
The man I'm going to marry in two months is not the man I fell in love with six years ago. That man grew up, grew wiser, changed, failed and succeeded, and that man inspires me daily.

He is strength and gentleness all at the same time. He is spontaneous, but planned and diligent in prayer and careful consideration for all big decisions. His biggest desire is to inspire others to love learning as much as he does. He teaches his students new things every day. Like how to add and subtract, or even how to be a good person or a good friend. He teaches his youth group how to love scripture and how to live out your love for God and for others. Lately his faith is what inspires me most. His complete and utter trust in God's provisions, in His mercy and in His goodness shakes my own faith. He has "faith like a child" the kind that trusts fully. I'm so thankful for a man who will challenge and inspire me to be a better person my whole life through.

Stay inspired friends, and surround yourself with those who inspire.


  1. This is beautiful.

    Thank you for inspiring me :)

    1. Lydia you are a sweetheart. thanks for sweet comment. i hope i continue to!

  2. This is super wonderful! I love your post and I can't wait to see pictures of your up-coming wedding! Congrats!