Jan 7, 2013

Monday's Muse: Music

It's a new year, and it being the first full week of the new year I'm going to try being better at staying inspired. Inspired to listen, inspired to learn, inspired to see, inspired to feel, inspired to think. And though I wish inspiration can come to me constantly, it's just not possible. There are days where inspiration is at every corner. And then there are days when inspiration is no where to be found. So I resolve by sharing Monday's muse each and every week.

Muse: {noun} a source of inspiration; especially: a guiding genius

My muse for today is music. Music is a huge driving force in my life. It's central to who I am. There is not a day I don't purposefully listen to music. I seek it, I long for it, I thrive from it. I use it to show my heart to God, and I use it as a release for when words don't capture my emotions well enough. I lose myself it in, and yet sometimes find myself through it. All that music does for me, I long for my photos to do the same for someone else.

With that said here are three songs that have moved me in the last week.

I've had a 8 month obsession with All Sons and Daughters. Their words pierce the heart, and their melodies melt my soul. Brokenness Aside has been a song I've clung to alot lately. God truly makes all things beautiful, brokenness aside.
This song by Clara C literally brings me to tears every single time I listen to it. I cried instantly the first time I listened to it and have cried every time since. And I've listened to it a couple hundred times. Now that's alot of happy tears.   If I could write a song describing all that I feel for my future husband, it would be this song.  All I dreamed love to be ... really is all that I feel at this very moment. Gosh I can't even get through this paragraph without crying. I'm seriously undone by this song.

Finally, I'll wrap this up on a lighter note. Today I got a sweet mixtape from an instagrammer I follow and I was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar tune play first. My darling friend Hope introduced me to this song years ago, and it brings me back to many sweet adventures over the years ... as it has played during so many of our road trips. Not to mention Hope's friends with these lovely, talented boys.

Hope some of these sweet tunes bring inspiration to your week, as it has mine.
Happy Monday Folks!

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  1. oh my gosh. HOly ghost how i miss those boys pretty smiles. i have shared many a sweet dances on the floor with Alec ( who directed it) and is the main dancer... many a dances with all of those boys ( and the occasional sweet kiss from the handsomest of them all ;) ..... ) love you ica- and love that your friend and i are musically kindred.