Feb 11, 2013

Monday's Muse: Pretty Homes

We've got a place to call "home" for our first season of marriage!!!!
Last week we offical got the keys to this pretty little place. We are only renting, but this is alot more home-y than renting an apartment for the same price. My fiance and I are over the moon with excited ! It's so roomy and it's much more space than we need for just ourselves, but we want our home to be a place where all of our friends and family can come and enjoy our space with us. We are dreaming up the times our house will be full of our loved ones, sweet backyard dinners, sunday night football get togethers, bible studies and sleepovers, sweet talks over coffee and tea with our nearest and dearest, and nights we get to cook for our families when they come and visit! 

With that said beautiful homes, pretty places, and great interior design has been my muse over the past week and a half. If you follow me on pinterest you've probably seen my explotion of home pins lately. Here are some of the homes that have captured my heart and inspire me to make my home just as lovely soon.
kind find the source

See my love for color?
Stay inspired friends and have a great week!

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  1. congrats, ica and tim! takes home decor to a whole new level!