Mar 6, 2013

Personal: My {hometown} Bachelorette Party!!!

I come from a long line of strong women. My great grandmother, my grandma, my mother and my older sister they are all wonderful, strong, self sacrificing women. They've all gone through obstacle in their lives that have had to toughen them up and build them up stronger than most other women. They are all super heros in my eyes and they all have set the bar extra high for me.

It was no surprise when my sister wanted to make my {hometown} bachelorette party adventurous, thrill seeking, a little dangerous, and one of a kind. My sister/matron of honor threw me a party that took us ziplining through the trees, grunting up 40 feet tall rope walls, making us take leaps of faith so far from the ground not knowing the distance was safer than actually knowing, making us let go of all control, testing our faith, and trust and making us embrace the difficult, the scary, and the unknown. She threw me a party that has grown me as a person, making me a braver woman than I was a week ago. It was a perfect party to prepare me for marriage.
Before I share stories and photos from my special day, I must first say a huge thank you to my big sister. Sissy, you are one brave lady. Not just this weekend but in life. You've always been fearless in leading others and going first. You've never been afraid to make mistakes because you know you can only get better from there, sharing your experience with others so they don't make the same mistake too. You've also been a huge encouragement every step of the way, making sure no one gets left behind. And you've always been the one to push people to try the hard stuff in life, because doing the hard stuff is always the most rewarding.Thank you for being a fearless leader in my life, guiding me, pushing me, challenging me, encouraging me, watching me and wanting the best for me in every adventure I set my sights on. You showed up in true "big sis" fashion this weekend, not just for me but for all the ladies with us. Thank you is not enough, it won't ever be, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love you for you, and for all that you do, and for helping shape me into the person I am today. You are amazing and I don't say it enough.

Ok, enough with the sappy {us sisters can't do sappy for too long}. My bachelorette party this weekend was just plain old {exhausing} fun. It was 100% physical and 100% mental.  I don't know which got a better work out because mind and body were tuckered out after five hours.

Me and 6 of my near and dear girlfriends ventured out to do the "Terrapin Challenge" which put us through four different activities; a climbing tower, a grueling 3 tiered high ropes course, a giant swing, and 330 ft hight zipline. Not to mention it was cold enough that it snowed on and off all day while we were out on the courses.
Going into it we all knew we were in for challenge and that it wasn't going to be a glamorous day. We came ready to rough it in the cold, ready to push ourselves to the limit and be brave.

First there was "the tower". Four 40 foot tall walls of crazy, two rock climbing walls and two rope walls with a touch of insanity in the mix. Not only was the climb up pretty scary, the options of climbing back down were a crazy all their own.
Ever play with a chinese finger trap? Well ever climb down a lifesize one, upside down from 40 feet in the air? 
Well we did. And man was it the weirdest experience ever
As soon as we finished the climbing tower all of our arms felt like mush, but it was a great way to start the day. The 7 of us were our own cheering squard. We hooted and hollered, and cheered as each one of us made our way up the wall and down. 
Next was an insane high ropes course that took everything we had to get through and conquer. 
Since we were all off the ground at the was  time I only a few photos and a handful of videos on the ropes. It was not easy, and it was definitely scary but doing made me stronger and more brave, and I left it feeling so accomplished.

If you look carefully that's me on the top tier about to make a leap of faith. While right in the middle is my big sister who was the leader of the pack, headed to the even bigger jump off of the course itself. I'm getting weak in the knees just thinking about it again.
The last two parts of our adventure were the giant swing and the zipline, all of which I only took video of.
By that point all of us were champs, and we were no longer afraid. 
We squealed, screamed and laughed and definitely ended on a wonderful, high note.
I can't say enough how incredible that day was, and how much it challenged me on the inside and outside. I feel stronger and braver and more confident when faced with a challenge. I'm so thankful to know I have a bunch of strong, beautiful women in my life to cheer me on and challenge me for the better.

Thank you Ana, Ate Joan, Gina, Noime, Ate Jave, and Jessica for braving all the elements with me and for celebrating the end of my single life in such a crazy, fun way. I love you guys so much!

And to all the beautiful, wonderful ladies in my life who weren't able to make it that day, you all were deeply missed, but are deeply loved {you ladies know exactly who you are}. And when my wedding day comes I know you ladies will be there to celebrate the sweetest day of my life with Tim and I. Both near and far, you ladies are a part of me and have made my single years such wonderful years to remember! I can't wait to see everyone!!
Love, One incredibly thankful and blessed bride

Ps. Apologies in advance, there will be a slew of personal blog posts headed this way, probably not in chronical order ... because this month is packed to the brim with celebrations. I can hardly keep up! Stay tuned for more of my March madness and happy celebrating!

P.s.s. In exactly one month I will be marrying my handsome, best friend ... the best celebration ever!!

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