Mar 15, 2013

Music: Wherever you go Music Video

I'm so insanely excited to share my first music video and my dearest best friend's incredible music with you.

My darling best friend {and bridesmaid} Hope is part of a darling duo; Me and Mr. Cassidy. And a few  months ago they entrusted me with the huge task of bringing one of their newest songs to life! I'm still floored that they would trust me with such a huge and wonderful task but I love Hope and Scott for always allowing me to take part in their incredible journey in some shape or form.

This sweet video took a team of extremely talented and creative folks to put together. Directed by Christian Moldes, Produced by Just Another Production Production, starring Cathy Baron {currently on the show Justified} and Pat Sperry.

Love the song? Well you can purchase it on iTunes today and don't forget to share the love and share this sweet songs with friends and family also.    

And for all of my readers, if you want more Me and Mr. Cassidy {their music is addictive and catchy and it'll stay in your head all day long} purchase their first full length album " MAMC VOL.1" on bandcamp for 50% off with the code :wherever you go

Find Me and Mr. Cassidy else where on the internet.

Tweeting: @meandmrcassidy
Instagramming:@meandmrcassidy #meandmrcassidy


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