Mar 20, 2013

Personal: Summing up Six Years

Sometimes I still find myself in disbelief that we've made it here. 
When we first started dating hearing the words "four years from now" kind of scarred me. I didn't know where we would end up, and I didn't know if Tim would be the one I would marry. But here we are six sweet years later and 17 days away from commiting to love each other every day God gives us. 

We made it.
We made it through seasons of struggle, seasons of joy, seasons of silliness and seasons of adventure. And as winter has made it's sweet surrender to spring, we are here at the foot hold of the greatest season of our lives. I can't wait to celebrate many more years of "us". Especially the married us.

{Timmy I can't wait to marry you!}

 This anniversary we celebrated with a music filled date.
 Dear Pigpen Theatre Co, you guys are soo good I could cry. 
Your music is inspiring and stunning, most especially live.
I have so much more to say but you guys literally leave me speechless.

Tim and I could not get over how incredible each of these guys are. And we are so thankful for our sweet friend Hope for making sure we went to see these guys live. { Hope's music is my favorite ... and if that weren't enough Hope knows the most brilliant musicians ... all whom have genuinely become my favorite bands} 
 Hope you didn't tell me you were friend's with Orlando Bloom? Just kidding thanks for always sharing your friends with me and for introducing me to Alex.
Alex is one of the 7 Pigpen fellas and is insanely talented on the banjo, amazing singer, and not to mention a total sweetheart.

After dinner Tim surprised me with a sweet new camera bag!
  I adore my brand new Epiphany bag and have since used it a bunch and not just for my camera. 
{I definitely want to share more about it in a post of it's own}
It's been a great adventure loving this man.  
Happy six years my love.

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  1. so happy for you and your love ica! cant wait to celebrate this wedding and so glad you got to finally meet alex & pig pen!