May 14, 2013

Wedding Diaries: The Music

Photo By: Kristen Morris

My husband and I are really passionate about music. We both grew up in families that love singing for the Lord. We both sing and play the guitar. We also love discovering new music, new bands, or new genres together. If we hear certain songs it pulls us back instantly to moments of our dating years, or during our engagement. Even now in our marriage music fills our home every single day.

When it came to our wedding day we knew music would play a pretty big supporting role. Of all the details on our wedding day, I wanted to share the music that made our day more magical and more meaningful. These song bring us to tears.

Mae's Falling into you brough me to tears the first time I ever heard it. I don't know what pandora station I was listening to that day, but when this song came on I froze and was so taken aback to see that it was a song by Mae, a band I loved as a teenager. Every thing about this song is beautiful. We were sooo thrilled our friends brought this song to life with the guitar and cello during our ceremony as our prelude.

For our the processional we decided on a song that embodies everything we have seen God do in our relationship, and everything we pray He'll do daily with our marriage.

Gungor's Beautiful Things is a song we hold close to our hearts. Through our our 6 years together we've seen God make beautiful things of us, our successes and our failures. He has brought us through some stormy seasons, but everytime He has made something beautiful of our darkest days. Hearing this song will never be the same again.

During our wedding ceremony we had one of our groomsmen sing a favorite praise song of ours.

How He loves us, was definitely the song on our hearts during our engagement. We love each other so much, but everyday God reminded us His love for us is greater than any romance, or any relationship we hold dear. God poured out His love on us through out the entire wedding planning processes with blessing after blessing. We wanted to spend time on our wedding day thanking Him, praising Him, and acknowledging that there is no greater love than His.

Our recessional song was the last minute of Gungor's Brother Moon. The lyrics are "You are everything good, You are everything beautiful, You are everything." Again bringing back praise to God who is everything good, and beautiful.

For our reception entrance it was a toss up. We considered the Lumineer's 'Ho, Hey!' but at the end of the day we went with one of our all time favorite's, Brooke Fraser's 'Something in The Water'.

Brooke Fraser is my hands down favorite singer & song writer so of course our wedding day had to have some of her music. 'Something in The Water' is really special to us, because we were spending a week at a lake house with friends when we first heard it. "Give me something fun to do, like a life of loving you" rings in our hearts.

For our first dance we chose a song we fell in love with long before we were engaged. This was Tim's idea and I love him for it.

We danced to Imaginary Friend's 'I knew this would be love'. The first time we heard this song we were at a concert and Imaginary Friend opened {we had no clue who he was} and this was the last song in his set. The whole time he played this song we were cheesing. I was sitting their thinking about putting it on my Ica Images porfolio website, because it's the perfect love story song. But when I looked at Tim to tell him my idea after the song, He said "I think I want that to be our first dance song". I was so taken by surprised. Why didn't I think of that, and man he's good! I went home that night and listened to that song on youtube and literally weeped, and weeped and weeped myself to sleep. This song is literally a bulletpoint version of our 6 years together. This was "us" in a song and like the song, Tim knew this would be love.

Instead of father/daughter dance, I danced with my wonderful mother.

We danced to The Supreme's 'You can't hurry love'. It was one of the best decisions to have my mom dance with me, even my nephew joined in on the fun. I love my mom and she is the person who showed me how to love, serve God and how to live b faith daily.

Tim and his mom danced to Bethel Live's 'This is what you do'. Such a fun and sweet praise song.

During our reception some of our most talented friends and family blessed us with their sweet music.
Tim's baby brother's band "We The Gentlemen" serenaded us. These guys are the sweetest and so utterly talented.

 And of course my dearest friend Hope and her duo "Me and Mr. Cassidy" including Scott sang us sweet songs that melted our hearts.
It was a dream come true to have both Scott and Hope sing at our wedding and they made it happen. I love them to the moon and back!

Finally the last song of the night was Meghan Smith's '5 more minute's'.

 I didn't realize this song was on my ipod, though I know I purchased all of Meghan Smith's albums two years ago. And I heard it play while we were engaged and I knew it was the song to end our wedding day. "I'm not tired in the least, five more mintues please .. Don't want to go to bed, don't want to close my eyes, don't want to rest my head and end this summer night". Ok so it was a spring night but you get it. I didn't want our wedding day to end, but with it's sunset came the dawn of a new season and I was more than ok with that.

Phew ... that was a mouth full! But I'm so glad to have shared such a wonderful part of our wedding day. I might literally be the only person who cares for this post and that's totally ok with me. One day in the future I'll be glad I wrote down the "soundtrack" to our wedding day to reminisce and remind me of the joys of our wedding day.

If you are wedding planning, have soo much fun with choosing your wedding day music. It might not seem like a huge detail but take time to make your music choices "yours". It's the sweetest feeling hearing our wedding songs play again while we are married. I can literally close my eyes and travel back in time when I hear these song and relive parts of our special day for just a few minutes. If you aren't wedding planning, I still hope you enjoy these songs.


  1. love these. I might have dowloaded a lot of of these songs. :D THanks for sharing!!!

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