May 6, 2013

Newlywed Diaries: One Month of Marriage

Last night after dinner my husband and I spent some time talking, laughing, and reminiscing. He then pulled out his guitar and sang me the song he wrote when he proposed, and then after wrote me a new song right off the top of his head. While listening I sat there remembering all the emotions I felt when we got engaged, my heart was full then ... but my heart is unmeasurable fuller now. He asked me to be his wife and now it's already been a month since our wedding day.

I looked around while he was singing, and I could see bits and pieces of our wedding day all around us. Our mailbox of cards from our loved ones, our kitchen table that served as our sweetheart table, dried bouquets that my best friends held by my side, small trinkets and big treasure chests that decorated our wedding day fill every corner of our home. Did our wedding really happen a month ago?

Marriage itself feels real, and tangable. I feel it in my fingertips and in my bones. But our wedding day only seems like a dream in my memory. It hasn't felt real until seeing our wedding photos last week. It really happened and it was as dreamy as I can remember.
Photo by I'm Kristen

If you haven't already seen it check out our wedding day photos and story over on Kristen's blog. I can't tell enough you how perfectly she captured our day on camera, but she also told the story of our special day in words just as perfectly, and probably better than I could have. Kristen is a true storyteller. Soon I'll share even more of the sweet, fun details that we enjoyed working on for the wedding. But for now I'll let Kristen's amazing work shine.

What I can tell you is that marriage is STILL all that I dreamed it would be, and more. It's fun, hard work, it's selflessness and constant "out loving" each other, it's raw and wonderful, it grows you and changes you.

We came into marriage laying everything on the table, sharing our heart and soul, making sure we really knew each other before saying "I do", and making all our expectations known. And so far there have been no suprises, but that in itself is the biggest surprise yet. We have never lived in the same state, let alone the same house. We've never seen each other this constantly EVER in 6 years of being together. We've never attended the same church, nor have we ever been in the same ministries together. We've never shared this many home cooked meals, nor have we ever shared the same room and or bed. Yet, all of these things have come with complete ease, and like that feeling of coming back from a long trip ... marriage has felt like we've finally come "home".

In a month's time we've never laughted, or smiled as much. And if you know Tim and I personally you know we can't go a day without either. We are both so silly and crazy, so living under the same roof is like a comedy show day in and day out.

Also one of the prayers we had for our home was that our door would always be open. That our home {which is bigger than we need for the two of us} would be a place friends and family can come and enjoy, fellowship or even be a safe place to rest and find comfort. And in this past month, we've had friends and family do just that. It is our joy and passion to serve others, being able to do that together in our home is sweeter than all the cake in the world.

I'll end with this, having a husband who would "die to himself daily" for me, is humbling and inspiring. And makes me strive to be that woman who is worth dying for daily. But even more so, I am reminded of God's love which is greater and sweeter than any love we find here on earth. The love that sustains our love.

To all you single folks out there, boy do you have it easy so enjoy your single years and make the most of the time you have. If you desire love, pray for love. And first work on being a man or woman worth dying for ... so that someone will find delight in you. To all you engaged couples out there, sweeter days are before you. To all you fellow newlyweds, hope you all are enjoying married life as much as we are. And to all you married folks who've stood the test of time, we've got much to learn from you and we hope and pray to be just as in love, just a strong, just as united as you all ... for the years to come.

To my dearest husband, 
You truly are my best friend. I love you more each and every day
And I'm so blessed to spend my life with you. Happy 1st month of marriage!

Tethered to you always,
Your wife.


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    1. thanks jamie! i think about the postcast you shared a long time ago about being a "woman worth dying for" alot these days. thanks again for sharing that, it made a huge impact on me

  2. I just found you all on instagram so I obviously don't know you BUT I am feeling and living 100% of what you wrote! My husband and I had our 1 month anniversary this week and your post described the emotions of a newlywed so clearly! It's so incredibly rewarding, fun and HUMBLING. But can I just say putting God first and having someone to share God's incredible love with is the BEST part. I'm so happy for you both!!