Jun 6, 2013

Newlywed Diaries: Getting Ready on my Wedding Day

The night before our wedding I slept in our town house, our home; for the very first time. 
Our home was filled to the brim with my sweet family and my very best friends.

I woke on our wedding day in the living room on our beautiful yellow sofa, not the typical sleeping arrangement for any bride. But, I don't sleep well in new places so I slept in the only spot that was familiar to me ... the sofa that use to be in my bedroom. I woke up to the sound of giggles and splashing from the guest bathroom upstairs, surprisingly well rested. My nephew & my sister were the first to wake and Noah was already taking a bath. 

I started my day without knowing what to feel. I was at peace, though I thought I'd feel much more than that; like butterflies, nerves, overwhelming excitement, anything really. I felt nothing but calm and contentment.  I did notice how ever that the waiting that constantly ached in my heart was finally gone.
As all my best friends started to wake, the house still stayed pretty quite for a house full of 10 girls. A complete contrast to the crazy, silly night we had the day before. What you could hear was Pandora filling the air with Motown hits, "cry proof" music so I wouldn't loose it too early in the day. Earth, Wind and Fire worked like a charm and we all went about our business.

I can't tell you how excited I was to finally wear my wedding shoes. My sweet mother surprised me an entire year before and ordered these shoes not knowing they were the wedding shoes of my dreams! T-straps are my weakness and these Seychelles feel like heaven.
There were a few people I love dearly that weren't able to make it to our wedding, one of which was my grandma in the Philippines.
To keep her close I used her beautiful vintage clutch, the same clutch I used for my senior prom, to carry around a few special things.

After my hair was done by my talented Reinna I slipped away downstairs and made a small floral piece for my hair. When am I not crafting?

Thank you big sis for lending me your beautiful "Bride" robe to wear while getting ready for my own wedding day.
My emotions were at bay until right before getting into my wedding dress. All morning my mom was either catering to the bouquets or watching my nephew as my sister got ready. I hadn't seen too much of her while we all got ready, so when my mom came in to help me get into my dress, dolled up and everything, she completely took my breath away!
She looked gorgeous!
You have to see her whole outfit {Picture by Kristen}. Peplum, lace and blue peep toes?!?!?! She was truly the most beautiful women at our wedding.
Prayer is a huge part of my life. And thankfully I have the sweetest group of women in my corner who have prayed me through every season God has blessed me with. It was but fitting to spend some time praising and thanking God for all His blessing in getting us to our wedding day. 
I'm so thankful to have have the greatest friends who not only love me, but who love the Lord.
"Emem, you weren't suppose to make me cry!"
I'm getting goosebumps reliving these moments. 

And just like that the first wedding dress I had ever tried on, became the dress I wore on our wedding day.
My love of crafting comes from my wonderful, creative mom, who lovingly made my veil for me to wear when I walked down the aisle.

I was a bride.
I still can't believe it.

A huge thank you goes out to my dear friend Christian for capturing these sweet moments on the morning of our wedding day, and for going above and beyond as a groomsmen. Love you friend and you are truly a blessing. And another thank you goes out his beautiful wife, Reinna for taking care of my hair and making it lovely! 

Christian and Reinna Cruz for Max & Friends
The rest of our wedding photos can be seen here by I'm Kristen


  1. You're so beautiful, Ica. Loved this. What a perfect day :)

  2. that last shot is just a stunner. what a sweet sweet post! so happy for you both :)

  3. you look outstandingly beautiful!!!!!