Oct 9, 2013

Projects: October Project #octobart

I get told quite often that "I'm creative" {which is always humbling and an honor when such kind words are spoken of me}, but truth be told ... I'm not the most creative girl on the block. What I do believe is creativity breds creativity, and I've been blessed with a creative, talented, and artsy group of family, friends and besties who help bring out my creative juices and help me create more art. When creative minds come together beautiful art happens, inspiration runs rampant, and artist grow and expand their body of work.

After lots of talking with an incredibly talented friend of mine {Ryan} about how we needed a boost in creativity and inspiration, we decided to take on an October project together side by side, in our favorite media. Me - photography, Ryan - drawing/painting/mixedmedia. We set some rules, boundaries and themes to force us to produce pieces with intention and now we have "Octobart" our October Art Project. Or #octobart if you want to follow us on instagram.

For ever week of October we will produce one piece or art each, with 5 different themes for each week of the month. We won't talk about what we will create we will simply come together each week and put our work next to each other. It's exciting waiting to see how the other person interperates each theme. The themes are as follows.

Week 1: Black and White
Week 2: Water
Week 3: Shadows
Week 4: Falling
Week 5: A bible verse {TBD}

Here are our pieces for this week's theme; Black and White.

 I'm so pumped to start this little project with Ryan and I'm excited for the pieces we will be producing this month. Stay tuned friends and create something awesome this month!

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