Oct 4, 2013

Portrait & Concert: Me & Mr Cassidy + Jaden Larue

It's no secret who my favorite duo is, it's Me & Mr. Cassidy of course 

 And this summer they did a tour on the east coast where they did a sweet little house concert at our casa.
The skies were friendly enough to let us do a mini photoshoot before they sang the night away, then we moved inside to hide from a dark, grey, windy sky.
I might be bias because Hope is one of best friends, but I love every single thing about this lady.
 Oh Sweet Scotch {Scott}. You handsome lad you!
Opening for my dear friends was the incredibly talented, sweet, magical lyricist Jaden Larue.
If you want a good cry go listen to her original song: In My Bones

I completely lost it and cried my eyes out in our very own home listening to her sing about how "you feel like home". It summed up all the feelings I have as a newlywed, where home is now defined by a set of vows, four walls and a roof, a shared unmade bed, rings that never leave our hands, hearts totally committed to loving the other and loving God together, and a set of arms that when wrapped around the other person are the full definition of home. {Now I'm losing it again and crying as I type this}.

Some how Jaden has written my heart out in an entire song. 
It was an honor to have us sing those very lyrics to us.

And of course my talented friends brought it full circle serenading us for the rest of the night while making us laugh, cry and smile with their witty banter and beautiful melodies.
 My heart can never tire from hearing their music sung in person.
Thank you times a million for filling our home with such beautiful music Hope, Scott & Jaden. I'm touched and blessed to know such talented souls and I can't wait to see you guys again!

Me & Mr. Cassidy: Website / Youtube / Facebook
Jaden Larue: Website / Youtube / Facebook

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