Oct 6, 2014

Bethesda, MD Wedding: The Music Center at The Strathmore

Today I've dug up a 2013 wedding that never made it's way onto the blog. My dreams for this post being elsewhere never saw it's way to fruition, so I've finally gotten around to sharing it here, today.

There is so much I love about this colorful wedding. The dress, the details & Lamb Chops are only a few of my favorites from Cindy & Kris' big day. Even with a week-of-the-wedding change in venues, nothing stopped this creative, IV league, fun-loving couple from "having their cake & eating it too". This wedding grew me as a photographer, and for that I am forever grateful.

Kris & Cindy, your ability to "roll with the punches" on your own wedding day gave me the confidence to face all my succeeding weddings with grace and poise, no matter what punches were being thrown. Though your venue was changed abruptly, your creative vision & your love for one another was not swayed in the least. Instead, I feel like I was given backstage passes in watching your relationship strengthen in the course of a few days. 

Thank you for involving me in your wedding planning process like no other couple has before. I felt like I was an honorary bridesmaid who's opinion mattered, and who's feedback was cherished and made much of. And the fact that your guests assumed we were old friends was truly the perfect cherry on top! I'm so grateful for your wedding day and I'm thankful that internet lead you to me.

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