Oct 26, 2009

Instant Memories: My CA Polaroids

As I slowly blog my way through the last few weeks of pictures, there's one set of pictures that means more to me that the thousands of others. They are my California polaroids.

There is nothing like having prints in your hands and watching them come to life right before your eyes. If I could pick the one absolute moment I fell head over heels for photography, it was in high school in our school's darkroom and I was hovering over a tray of developer with a sheet of photo paper in it soaking to be developed .... then I saw it, I saw my first photograph come to life and I was done for. I found something I absolutely adored and have since been in love with photography.

Don't get me wrong, photography was something I enjoyed long before I got a camera in my own hands; my big sister was my inspiration for taking photography it in the first place because of her love for it while she was in high school, and photographs of my dad have been some of the only memories I know because I was far to young to remember his wonderful face and I cherish those photos more than I do my own work, so it's kindda like I've had a crush on photography this whole time. But it wasn't till that single moment, in that darkroom that I felt what I felt ... it was like "love at first sight" and I'll never forget it.

In a silly little way that's what polaroids make me feel when I watch them develop. And I could not be more proud to be a Barbie Polaroid camera owner because of that feeling. Here are my pretty little polaroids from my trip and if you have a polaroid camera of your own share the polaroid love my way I'd love to see your polaroids too!

Palm trees. They are pretty much my favorite tree, so I won't lie ... I was really excited about them and wish I could plant one in the middle of my front yard, but we know that won't ever happen.
Best California trip EVER thanks to these sisters, and the other sister who was behind the camera to take this picture for us. {Reinna, Rj and Ruby: I.love.you.girls.}
Fact: anywhere I go I'm bound to get my hands on a cupcake. I think I could live off of them if I had the chance. And without fail my friends made sure I got some cupcakes while I was there. Because I've heard so many things about these specific cupcakes I just had to get my hands on my very first Red Velvet Sprinkles cupcake. It was delicious no doubt, but as yummy as it was ... I finally found a cupcake too sweet for my sweet tooth, I was sad I couldn't finish it because it was just to sweet for me. But I loved it none the less. Maybe I'll go for a different flavor next time and find one that I really fancy.

{Note my Barbie Camera right next to me, Reinna was gracious enough to take a picture from her polaroid and give it to me in exchange for mine ... we got the same picture expect from my camera there was a little mess up}
Caption: I have no eyes, and I'm friends with the Filipino Tinkerbell.

OOhhh the stories to tell about this crazy day. It was her birthday, we were on a ferry and we crossed over to the twilight zone. I love adventures with my dear Reinnasaurus and could not have been more blessed to have been there to celebrate her 21st with her and her family. 10 years and this was our first birthday party together!!
Cloudwatching, it's one of my favorite things to do, most especially with my favorite guy. The southern California sky became cloudy just for me. Thank you dear sky.


Greece. Though that has nothing to do with California, that's what I think of when I look at this picture. The colors, the space, the architecture .. or maybe just a figment of my imagination since I want to go there sooo badly, these are the reasons I think of Greece.

Really I was at Griffiths Observatory on one epic day around LA with my friend Mike. Though you'll know more about him come the next several blog posts, Mike is my fellow blog friend {though we've known each other for years}, my fellow music junkie {though I pail incomparison to his vinyl loving ways}, my art friend, photography hobbiest, and brother in Christ.

Like a kid again. I spent both the beginning and end of my California adventures with this amazing little family. Brave and True are their names, and mama and papi's names are Ruby and Ben. They love memory hunting, and they are simply a delight to be around. I waited years to finally meet these kiddies and boy did I enjoy my time with them. I can't wait to meet their new baby sister when she arrives in December.

Lastly, A MILLION Thanks yous to ALL my dear friends who made this trip one I won't ever forget. And an extra BIG THANK YOU to Ruby who got me this little polaroid camera of mine. You'da best mama Cakies!!! Thank you for all the memories dearest friends, and I'll be back to make some more this December soo be ready!!!

Happy Monday to you all and Happy Polaroids because they rock!

{Besides every link in this entry, Make sure you also check out my friend Ruby's
52 weeks of Polariods blog, she's soo creative. But then again so are all of my friends. hehe}

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