Nov 18, 2009

You Oughta Know: My friend Christian is 'too legit'

This entry is long over due ... but it's time.

I've had the opportunity to meet some incredible people and photographers this last year, let me introduce to one of my favorites and now dear friends; Christian Cruz! If you follow my blog you might remember Christian from this, this or this post ... now here's a post dedicated just to him.

Yes Christian, this goes out to you friend!!!

Just yesterday I was at my retail job and "Too Legit to Quit" came on our sound system. I giggled to myself and thought of my friend and future business partner Christian, then got on my phone to message him about it. Yes I said *future business partner. We met through his girlfriend, Reinna whom I consider one of my best friends and my West Coast 'lover' ... and it's been simply a blessing getting to know each other.

Before I keep rambling let me first show you why Christian is so amazing.
He can go from shooting some sick urban shots of the one and only Robert Muraine,
to shooting some gorgeous and classy wedding day photos.
And this last photo ... oh man, this one just rocks my world! Christian and I did a ton of talking during my stay there, and even had one super late night just talking about photography while Reinna and her parents fell asleep right in front of us {true story}. We talked about our goals for the future, the blogs and photographers we adore, the ups and downs of being in this business and we even taught each other things we've been longing to learn or know. Christian wanted to know how I tone my pictures, so I showed him and he totally rocked it in this picture!!!

After sooo much talking and sharing we figured, we're just going to have to be business partners one day because we have soo much in common, though our styles are not exactly the same, I'm sure it'd still work. Seriously. "Christian Cruz Photography + Ica Images = Too LEGIT!" That's why the song made me think of Christian, because our business name would be "too legit". Haha. We're such dorks ... but that's ok. If a better name comes to us we'll let you know.
Anyways, as I shared things I knew with Christian, he so graciously did the same for me, and even planned a surprise photoshoot for me. CHRISTIAN YOU'DA BEST!!! He taught me the ropes with using off camera lighting and even had his hottie of a girlfriend let me test the light on her. Gosh, my friends are too cute.

For the photoshot Christian managed to get our friends Alaine and Aly to do some pseudo engagement pictures, though with the looks of it these two love bird will probably be calling us sometime in the near future do the real thing ... I call it!! Hehe
They are both gorgeous and were extremely patient as I learned my way around off camera lighting.
Thank you guys for being soo amazing! I heart you both!
And extra shout goes to drop dead gorgeous Aly, who I promise, will be an amazing model one day.
I love you Hun and I know you can do it!!!
After a little while we dropped the lights, and we went " all natural" using the amazing little street lamp just beyond the willow trees, and I looooved it.
I also made sure to get shots of Christian and Reinna too. Because I love them, and they are just soo cute, and their going to get married someday, and I'll be there ... I promise!

Ok, these next few shots are not my own, but Christian's so you must brace yourself because they are AMAZING! I stole them right off of Christian's blog {thanks dude!} and I'm simply gushing over them. You might even remember them from this amazing party. And yeah I might be crazy for posting another photographer's work on my blog ... but Christian is just that good!
I love the Bratchers!!! Brave and True are just adorable.
I most especially love Ruby, who's giving birth to her third baby girl in a matter or weeks ... and still looks like a million dollars!!
 Ben and Ruby you're family is just tooo wonderful and I love and misss you guys!
If you haven't checked out Ruby's amazing blog do it now: My Cakies
 Sigh .... Christian is seriously "too legit" and I pray that God continues to bless his art and business to the max!!

In a recent comment Christian wrote to me he said:
"Dear Ica, How come there aren't more people in the world like you?"

Friend, I feel the exact same way!! And I'm thankful that my dearest Reinna is in the hands of one amazing guy!! I miss you and your girlfriend terribly but in a month's time we'll all be together again!!! And this time YOU'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND FOHSHO!!!!!!! Go get your annual pass, no excuses k!!!

Send Christian some love by visiting his blog!

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  1. !! I LOVE his photo of the mom's legs and her daughters hanging on. It is TOO adorable for words..

  2. Those maternity shots are TOO cute. She looks amazing!! Great job I love em. :)