Dec 2, 2009

Family love: The Medina Family

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I surely did and sorry I know I've been absent for a few days ... now I'm just happy to be back!!!! It's been pretty crazy around here, and overwhelming at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm slowly catching my breath so please bear with me.

I know I gave you all a sneak peak from my shoot with my friend Hope and should be sharing the rest of the photoshoot with you all now .... instead I wanted to jump the gun and blog about this family shoot I did for one of my best friend's because today is her birthday today and we all just found out her family is getting bigger!!!

This one is dedicated to you and your family! I love you guys sooo much!

As of midnight last night ... my group of friends ALL just found out that our dear friend Javee is... PREGNANT AGAIN, and she found out on her birthday of all things!!! We've all been teasing and speculating that she was preggos because she had this magical glow like she did with her first baby, and I think we all got it right this time. God is just so amazing and soo funny, though we don't see things coming sometimes ... there is nothing more perfect than His timing. Praise God for sure!!!

I was 95% done with this entry before I found out the the big news, so my apologies for the super long intro ... this is pretty HUGE for me guys and I can barely contain myself!!!! So yup, I'm about to start from scratch with this entry ... because this changes everything ... literally. I loooove life! And I looove this family! And I also love when life throws us curve balls!!!

Meet the Medinas.
Ate Javee {Ate - ah-teh; meaning big sister}, Kuya Melvin {Kuya - koo-ya; meaning big brother} and Elijah. And they are soon to be the Medina 4 instead of the Medina 3.

Javee is not only one of my life long best friends, she is one of my sisters, she is one of my mentors, and one of my biggest supporters in everything I pursue. Our families have been friends for almost 20 years now ... and through we're a little less than 10 years apart, she's always treated me as an equal, as a peer, always sharing her wisdom and guidance along the way. We've been through all the highs and lows in life together ... and for that I'm am forever grateful.

Javee met her now husband, Melvin at the hospital they both use to work at and they've been married for 3 years. Though it seems like it was only yesterday we were throwing her a bachelorette party on the Potomac River.

Javee and Melvin go together like a pair of their many Jordans and make a wonderful mama and papa team.

And now they're just 3 kids shy of making their own basketball team! Haha.

You've got to meet their amazingly adorable son, {also my godson}

Elijah is his name.

And dancing's his game.

I love Elijah soo very much and I am ohhhhh soooooo proud to be his godmother!

I simply can not wait to meet baby #2, because seriously Javee and Melvin make some amazing looking kids. Heheh. {Hey, I'm allowed to say that, because I'm the godmother ok!!} You better believe that this next baby of yours is going to be spoiled rotten with just as many kisses and cookies from me and there's just nothing you can do about it!!!

Ooooooh how it excites me to see God blessing your amazing little family like this, and though this was totally unexpected I'll be praying you guys through this 100% of the way.

And ... if my sister's wedding happens next year .... Javee is going to be one amazingly cute preggo bridesmaid in her wedding .. and I LOVE IT!

Ohhh just the though of next year brings utter delight to my heart.

There are a few little things I wanted to mention before I end this post soon. First ...

Dear God, Thank you for making beautiful trees, and beautiful sunlight, and most of all thank you for beautiful friends. You really know how to spoil a girl.

Lastly thank you dearest Medina family for flying through this shoot with me!!!
And just for being AMAZING!!! I looove you 3 with all my heart!!

Happy Birthday Mama Medina, congrats on the new babie!!! And Elijah's gonna be a big brother ... tooo stinkin cute!!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!!


  1. beautiful as always. love the heart you put into your photos :)

  2. these are all so gorgeous and sweet! love the bright, fun colors! :D

  3. tell me why i was tearing while i was reading this usual YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

  4. word 3x!!! thank you!!! love ya!

  5. Love these <3 And their coordinating red shirts are cute!

  6. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. i love it, icaboodle.. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! :) Love you.. and you're amazing.. :)

  7. It's like.... when you photograph the world, the sky gets bluer.

    <3 hope