Dec 17, 2009

Don't worry I'm still here!! Updates, teasers and all the inbetweens!

Hello out there! I feel like it's been forever and a day since my last entry, though in reality it's only been a couple of days ... I've just had a world wind of a month thus far.

I'm currently catching my breath in a different time zone, trying to calculating where the last 12 months have gone. AHHHHH!!!

Right now I'm in sunny California {yes ... again} with my darling family vacationing, pigging out, and will be partying all weekend long for our dear friend's wedding that me and my sister are bridesmaids for. We've got a jammed packed week here and already we've had ourselves a ball. I've been looking forward to this vacation for weeks now because I've been working harder than ever ... now it's time to play.

I'm sure you've been wondering what I've been working on ... so here you go!!
Teaser and teaser galor ... and I promise blog entries to follow!
I've had a plethora of shoots but not enough time to share them so I'm going to share them all in one go.

A few weeks ago at home we got our first snow that stuck to the ground. It was gorgeous, wonderful and too good of an opportunity to pass up. I had to get portraits in the snow some way, some how .. and I did. The morning after the snow I had myself TWO shoots and my client's we just the best for going along with my crazy idea.

I gotta give to the Holmes kids, because not only did we shoot in the snow,
we shot early in the morning and in the bitter cold. You guys ROCK for real!

The same day I took my sister and her fiance out on the streets of DC
and we did some wintery engagement pictures and had a crazy silly time.

I seriously love my sister and my {almost} brother in law.

I also love super silly little boys with redheads!

You might remember these boys from my fall shoot with them, but because I love them soo much and because their super hot, super sweet mom called me up for even more pictures.

So we went out and had some fun. There were no horses this time, but 2 of their dogs {Dark andOsa} kept us company and made things even more interesting .. hehe.

And this last shoot .. ohhhhhh man .... I can't wait to properly share this shoot with you, but let me introduce you to my Hot-as-Rosario-Daweson friend Cristina!!!! Heheh

She's sweet as sugar, hot at tea ... and She's gonna be big news someday, I seriously asked for her autograph before she forgets all the little people on her way up to fame!!! Heheh. She's an actress ... but definitely no drama!! Love you girl!!!

Ok these last little tidbits are some personal things that have made these last few days even sweeter, I just have to mention them.

First ... I have a new cousin and his name is Mac. Like Macintosh, Mac.

And this pup is just about the cutest pup in all the world!!!!!! He loves to cuddle and play and was even sweet enough to let me grab this uber cute picture of him in front of his 12 ft. tall Christmas tree. I MISS YOU MAC!!! And I can't wait to spend your first Christmas with you!!!

Lastly, this goes out to my favorite guy.

We are on two different coasts right now ... but he's just as awesome and wonderful a million miles away!
And frankly I miss him!

Just a few days ago we went on one AWESOME date ... and marked 3 years since our very first one. I don't know where time has gone, but all of it has been soo wonderful. Timothy Remo, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Ps. Did you know we met on a blind date? ... hehehe ... well sort of.


  1. :) So cute! And you have so many posts coming up- I'm excited!! I'll be in California in less than 2 months; and I'm pretty excited. Ok, Mac, is the CUTEST puppy I've ever seen.. <3 <3

  2. where did you get that dress?! it's beautiful!
    also, i love your dog-- what kind is he?

  3. you two are SO CUTE. i want you to post a story of how you met. please. :)

  4. haha .. sure thing jamie!!! i'll post it soon!!!