Dec 14, 2009

Winter White

This year white has a whole new meaning for my family. Snow may be falling all around us in this chill winter season, but wedding white is what comes to our minds first. My one and only big sis is getting married, and she's picked out her wedding dress.

She's dreamt of this day a million times over, but we didn't expect it'd to happen so quickly, so quitely, so easy, and so unplanned. But she really did it, my sister found the dress. Her wedding dress. And it's perfect.

On a quite Friday afternoon about two weeks ago, my mom, my sister and I strolled into the store like we were shopping for groceries. We were all silly, a little loud and we were ready to have some fun. You think we would have been more emotional, but we were all soo relaxed and simply enjoying every moment that lay before us. My sister was shopping for her wedding dress of all thing ... and that's a huge milestone in anyone's life, why not have a little fun.

Talk about relaxed, me and my silly mom goofed around like we were at home, because there was absolutely no one around. We even went a little crazy with the "myspace/facebook type of mirror pictures" because my mom is now a Facebook user and we made fun of all those silly pictures everyone takes and post. Because my mom is the best.

We even started dancing at one point, but that's a whole nother story.

Before we get to the good stuff ... dresses weren't the only things my sister tried on. Sister had herself a ball trying on hair pieces of all shapes and sizes. It was like she was playing princess, but for real. What she picked out was amazing ... but no, I'm not giving any of that away because I know her fiance reads my blog more than I write in it. heheh. So I'll keep that under wraps for now.

Alright, so here's the thing. My sister's kind of always been a bride at heart, she was definitely made to be one. She was also made to be a wife and a mother too ... and I know in the years to come she will be absolutely amazing at both. But for the time being, she finally gets to be the bride.

My sister is one of those girls who have been mentally planning her wedding out for the last 20 years, {though we're only in our 20's} and she can name a wedding dresses' designer by simply looking at it. And if you've watched the movie 27 dresses, you'd think that the movie was written about her because my sissy's been a bridesmaid just about a million times, but now it's her turn to wear white.

They say that most brides pick the very first dress they try on for their big day. But because my sister does things to the beat of her own drum ... she ended up picking the last dress that she tried on that day. Her dress is without a doubt one absolutely gorgeous dress, and it was pretty unanimous between the three of us that this was 'the dress' my sister would wear on her wedding day.

My mom's dropped jaw was what gave it away because she didn't have that reaction for any other dress. And as for my sister, these were her reactions seeing herself in this dress, and falling in love with it every minute she had it on. In it she felt like a bride, looked like a bride, and beamed like a bride ... and she was beautiful.

Seeing her reaction again brings tears to my eyes because she really did it. Her dreams are coming true, and from baby sister to big sister .... that's all I've ever wanted for her, because that's all she ever wants for me too. She's found the man she loves, and has found the dress she loves too ... and though planning this big ole wedding is not for the faint of heart ... love is what matters at the end of the day. And love is what she has. And she has tons of it.

Dearest Ate {big sister},
I love you. Even more than I loooove you're cupcakes, even more than I love to eat ... and you know how much I looove to eat, and even more than I can say it with words. You're not just my big sister, you are my heart, my best friend and seeing you so happy is one of the greatest joys in this world. You might not be walking down the aisle to meet your groom for another handful of months ... but dude you're gonna be such a HOTTIE!!! heheh ... but really, you are going to be stunning, just as you were when you found your dress. I looove you choooooo much and let's plan this wedding shall we!!!

I promise to be the best Maid of Honor EVER ... with the exception of your other Maid of Honor of course ... heheh .... and do my best to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. I love you sister, forever and ever.

{before the dress. and after}

**Look closely at the 'after' picture ... and you might actually be able to see me fighting the tears starting to form in my eyes, with a half crazy/half silly face to help me cover it up and play it cool.

i love my sister. and i love weddings.

*****PS. None of these pictures have her wedding dress in sight ... so don't worry I didn't spoil it, most especially because I know my {almost} brother in law will be reading this, and why would I let him see her wedding dress??? (I love you Terrence!!!) *****


  1. :D:D SO EXCITING! I'm so happy for your sister! I can't WAIT to see her dress. (I hope you know, that by keeping your almost-brother-in-law hanging, you're ALSO keeping the REST OF THE WORLD hanging) :D

    Oh hey. Did you make your headband?!?!?!?! I LOVE IT. <3

  2. Sherry you are the sweetest!!! thank you and ... yes suspense is a killer huh? heheh ...

    and yes me and my sister made my headband together, i was trying to make a handful for my shop to sell before christmas but we've been too busy. but maybe soon!

  3. nice one ikes....savour the moment :)