Dec 5, 2009

My Winter Song

As I sit here typing I can see the snow gently falling outside my window. Everything is blanked in white, but still it's beauty pales in compassion to seeing my sister dressed in white, a bride to be. Stunning. Perfect. And happier than she's ever been.

Check back in a day or so and I'll have whole story of how my big sister found 'the dress', that's if I can manage to write it all out without stopping to cry ever 2 or three sentences.

Seeing white everywhere makes me soo sooo soo happy. I love winter and i looove my family too.

{I took this earlier today ... and the snow hasn't stopped falling yet}
Happy First Snow Day VA!

1 comment:

  1. :O Snow! It hasn't snowed over in my neck of the woods yet.. But soon, I hope. :)