Dec 31, 2009

Personal: What a year!

"God's going to do big things this year, I just know it."

With the year coming to a close, all I can think about is this one conversation I had at the beginning of this year in a car ride with one of my best friends, {ate} Rachelle ... I remember saying those very words. And they came true.

Without fail, God heard me so expectant, so excited and so hopeful for His blessings ... He showed up in a million wonderful ways and did just that. This year was much bigger than I had expected or prayed for, but with God I've learned that everything He has planned for us is always bigger and better than what we can imaging.

I don't think I'll ever forget this year. It's been one crazy, amazing ride ... and all in all I could not be more grateful for God's favor, His blessings, His grace, and His unconditional love.

I won't lie and pretend like this year was perfect, or free from trials and hardships. I've even gotten messages or comments like 'you're life seems perfect' ... which in reality is far from the true. But what I can say is that every situation both good and bad, has grown me and made me stronger or made me better. And I try my hardest not to dwell on the negative, but celebrate the simple joys in life daily ... and doing that has made me loooove my life for what it is and all that God has given me.

Here are some of the joys this year has brought to me.

This may seem like nothing and some of you might not even know this, but dying my hair pink was a pretty big deal for me .. and though the color turned into a yellowish-orange after awhile {haha I fail at maintain any hair color} ... it was a part of me this year, and I woke up to it every morning.

Traveling was a huge part of what made this year so exciting and I praise God for every trip I was able to go on. Most of them I traveled solo, and in those times of solitude I got to really enjoy God's company and also appreciate those I love back home even more. In this year alone I've traveled to NYC, Destine FL, and CA all by myself ... Then CA again with the family, VA beach, numerous roadtrips with the boyfriend, NJ and alot of local adventures ... none of which I saw coming the year before. I love traveling and can't wait to see where my feet end up going this next year.

On one amazing night, I got to fall in love with my best friends all over again. Though I've known them for years ... some of them I've know for almost 20 years ... I got to know them even better on this one summer night in DC. We laughed and cried by candle light... and it's a night I will never ever forget. I love my best friends like sisters because they are my heart and because they love me in return.

Also when I said God's going to do big thing this year ... I didn't mean it just for myself, but mostly for my best friends. One is now pregnant {again}, another is engaged, another finally has a boyfriend, and another just graduated college. Two of my other bestfriends have moved to CA and the last of my bestfriends is going to be one of the finest Nurses in VA. I can't wait to see all that the Lord has planned for them in this year to come.

I can not forget to mention that one of my very bestfriends is my boyfriend. We've had such an awesome year, full of roadtrips and ammmmazing dates, full of cake, cake and more cake ... and we've prayed each other through all our sucess and failures, and through every blessing and each storm. I'm been more blessed than I can ever explain with words by my dearest boyfriend and cherish every moment with him.

One of the most epic moments with him this year was surprising him for his birthday. I lied to him and said I wasn't coming ... but stood 2 feet away as I watch his heart nearly break as we spoke over the phone. APRIL FOOLS SUCKER! You know you loved it!!! It isn't my fault you were born on April fools. Hehe jk, you know you're my favorite forever!!!

Photography wise ... My Barbie Polaroid Camera is probably my favorite out of all my gear. No lie.

This year my dearest Godson and his family found out they were having another baby ... OHHHH how exciting!!!

Seeing my mom's prayers get answers is possibly one of the most rewarding thing I can ever see. I love my mom so much and praise God for the relationship we have. I love our late nights just me and her, talking, eating and watching Filippino soap operas. And yeah, just to throw it out there, she's included on my list of best friends, and I mean it.

Besides Ica Images, my other business is Rini & Faith ... and this year was EPIC when it came to my shop. I was featured in my first ever magazine, but let me not forget to mention 'twas an international magazine, We reached 100 sales via the shop {though I know it's definitely more than that} ... and last but not least,

Rini & Faith rocked the runway for the first time. WAHOOO!
I've got two more things to share, and the highlight of the year will be the first. My big sis is engaged and I am sooooo happy for her.
This means alot of change in the years to come and I can't wait. I love seeing her in love, and knowing that she will soon be one AMMMAING wife. I looooove you sister and Terrence you better keep her in good hands, or else. Hehe. Love you guys!

Lastly, the internship that rocked my world. I love these girls, and I love Kristen for being so wonderful and taking us under her wings. Besides growing in every single way with my photography and business, the internship was just plain fun. Dance parties are zeee greatest!!

Sigh ... '09 you were simply delightful. 2010 has alot to live up too. Hehe.

My prayer for this new year is not merely for blessings but for growth. With each passing day I slip further and further from the child I use to be and realize the women God wants me to be. I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be ... but each day of each new year is a chance for me to be a better version of me than yesterday's me.

Dear God, Thank you for loving me so greatly and for the memories this year will always contain.
Please grow me and mold me in this new year and bless the ones I love so richly.
I love you. -Ica

Happy memories to you and the ones you love, don't forget to cherish each second and for this new year, make more memories that count.



  1. You had an AMAZING 2009, and I hope 2010 is even better for you! :) Go girl!

  2. this one too! Especially since I am a part of it. I LOVE you so so much chica, and the internship was such a happy spot in my year! OMW...I just about died when I watched that video again :P We are so craaaaazy! :P

  3. Happy New Year to you too! I haven't ever commented on your blog before, but I visit often and I think your pictures are just so awesome that I couldn't resist to do a little advertisement for you. :) I hope you didn't mind...and I'll be back again! :)


  4. your nail polish is like for revlon ads. nice!