Jan 8, 2010

Engaged: Joan + Terrence

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Both fall in love. Boy buys a ring. Then she says yes.
All that's left is for them to say 'I do'. Seems like anyone else's story ....

... but it's not just 'anyone else'. This time it's my big sister's.

Any time I'm with my sister and her fiance {aka: my almost brother} and I have my camera in hand, it almost always turns in to an engagement shoot whether we plan it or not. Here are photos from the few times we've gone out and snapped a few engagement photos here and there.

For some people, hanging out with your older sibling and their fiance can feel like being a third wheel ... {and I've definitely had those moments} but most of the time I feel like I'm just with family and things are the way they should be. I love seeing those I love, in love.

I love hearing laughter and seeing my sister smile from cheek to cheek.

And these moments ... sigh ... I love these moments.

Pointed fingers followed by giggles. Hahahahah.

I looove my sister and my {almost} brother in law.

To be honest I'm so insanely close to my sister that every heartbreak she's ever known before this ... I've felt myself and have always taken personally. But in the same manner every joy and all the happiness she feels I feel too. And I've never seen her more happy than this.

If there's one thing I've known my whole life about my sister, is that someday she'll be an amazing wife ... and someday after that when God wills it she'll make one amazing mother. And those days aren't as far away as the use to be.

Some days I'm still in disbelief that we're already here, in our 20's, and that she's already engaged. And the older we get the faster time seems to fly ... making these moments even more precious.

Don't you worry because there are plenty more engagement session to be had between now and your wedding day sister, but I'm soooo glad we got to take some in the pretty snow while it was here.

You are such a hottie sister dearest, {it's a fact} and I looove you so very very much.

Thank you for always showing me what it means to love. To love unconditionally, without holding anything back, to love like Christ loved us, and for loving me so much even when I don't deserve it. You're the best big sis and for everything you do ... thank you might never be enough.

As for my dearest {almost} brother, Terrence ... I LOOOOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO!

I'm secretly thrill you didn't reenlist for the Army again because I can't stand seeing my Ate go 15 months without you, worrying about you everyday and holding her breath knowing you were at war. I've never been more proud of you and the work you did while you were in Iraq and even here at home.I know I'll miss seeing you in your uniform, I think we all will, but I'm glad to know you're safe, in one piece here with all of us for ... forever hopefully. :) And, though I said this already ... I love you!

The more I see you two in the love, the more I pray for God's goodness and blessing in your lives. I know there are wonderful, wonderful things in store for your future ... and when times aren't as wonderful, I'll be there for you both through everything. {Especially this wedding planning business ... you know I'm right here k, MOH at your service!!!}


I'll end this post with one of my favorite pictures from our snowy shoot {I'm not sure why I love it so much ... I just do} ... and a fun song for my big sister. We looooove this song, and though her man doesn't rap ... I'm sure every word of this song is true for him.

I love you two.


  1. This is really cute! I love the photos! Joan doesn't seem so scary anymore! [:

  2. Gorgeous! <3 So adorable together~

  3. omg i shed a TEAR when i saw the pic of her pointing at him!!! OMG....... i love you jo!!!

  4. I LOVE U ICA!! YOUR the greatest sister!!EVER!! : )

  5. I don't think I was able to say congrats to your sister, please send her our CONGRATS! Yay totally happy for her. Great photo shoot by the way. It was so nice seeing you at Jan's and catching up:) Grow in grace sister