Jan 11, 2010

Portraits: Cristina

2 words: Smokin' Hot.
A few months ago at this party, I got to catch up with an old family friend. Her name is Cristina and she's an actress. Or at least that's what it says on her college diploma, I would have guessed model if I didn't know any better ... and she asked me to do her headshots. That's like asking me if I would like to have some cupcakes, It was an opportunity I simply could not resist.

It's this face I tell you. Wow. Hello Beautiful!

Even when I was just testing the light ...... BAM!!!
I get this!

Seriously Cristina ... I find it ridiculous that lines of lovestruck boys aren't forming outside of your doorway. Maybe after I send this post to every single fella I know, it might just happen. Haha.

You're adorable like I don't know what. I just want to put you in my little pocket and take you home!!
This pretty lady is not just beauty, but she's brains too.
{hmm sorry I dont know where my logo went on this picture ... whoops, chorry}
Cristina is an '09 college grad from UMBC and is ready to take on the acting/theater biz by storm.
Fun and playful ...

Or just serious-ly ... amazing

Cristina is a stone cold FOX!!!!
Right? Right.
During our shoot I had one of those not-so-tack-sharp moments that I adore, and got a life-is-sometimes-a-little-blurry-why-not-embrace-it moment instead. OH YES!
Cristina, can we do this again sometime? Pretty, pretty please? Even if you don't need any more headshots, I'd do it just because every single picture you take turns out AMAZING.

To all of you who actually read through my silly blog posts, and trek through my hideous grammatical errors {yes I know my flaws, what can I say?} ... doesn't Cristina's face remind you of a few Hollywood faces????

Everytime I see her she remindes me of two particular people. Cristina has those gorgeous Halle Berry high cheekbones, and that Halle Berry pixie cut, and those Rosario Daweson wide eyes and unforgetable jawline. I think I just found their undiscovered understudy. Plus she has that Filipino flair as an added bonus. Don't you see it??? Heheh She's like the Filippino Halle-Daweson? Hahaha. Please forgive my craziness.
Cristina thank you so much for being so wonderful. For hiking all over College Park's campus with me in the cold. And for so bravely breaking into a few lecture halls and the campus farm con-migo. And let's not forget the muddy grass that got our shoes all yukky ... and the peering eyes of every Maryland student still on campus taking finals that day. You, little miss are simply lovely in everyway.

Also a random shout out goes to my dearest boyfriend who so graciously played the roll of my assistant that day. He was also our campus tour guide and chauffeur when it got too cold to walk from building to building. And He also helped me cross off an item off my photography to-do list.

I've always wanted to do a shoot on his school's campus, especially since he'll be graduating this year, meaning I only have so much time to do so. And now it's done.

Do a photoshoot on Maryland University's campus.

Thank you babe!!! You get an extra hug for that later! You'da you'da best boy!!!!

Ahhh .. Just like I didn't want our shoot to end, I don't want this post to end either. I didn't realize how insanely fun headshot sessions could be ... and I can't wait for my next one, this week actually. BROOKLYN, NY HERE I COME! My 'brother' is auditioning for Juilliard, THE Juilliard, and needs new headshots. I've missed both him and NY terribly ... and I'm headed back! Wahoo.
Mugshot or headshot?

Doesn't matter, I love my job.


  1. Oh wow, she is so pretty! :) I totally saw the Halle Berry similarities, but I can DEFINITELY see Rosario in her too! :) Her smile is SO contagious :D :D :D I see what you mean about eating cupcakes!

  2. She is soo gorgeous! I love the 4th one, the b&w is perfect! Wonderful job!

  3. Amazing images! And she looks just like Halle Berry, you're right. Wow :) Beautiful!

  4. That first B&W is AMAZING girl. Its just perfect.