Feb 16, 2010

Personal: Heartful Decor

Hello Friends! I hope you all had a splendid holiday weekend .. having two holidays back to back is quite wonderful and despite the cold and snow, I felt all warm and fuzzy all weekend long ... I hope you did too.

Two things I adore: The little things, and handmade things.

I did many wonderful things with the ones I love to celebrate Valentine's this past weekend {all of which I will share in another post}, but for now I wanted to simply share a little bit about the heartful decor I shared around the house in lue of all the holiday cheer.

I hung hearts over mother's bedroom door, and over the kitchen counter made with bakers twine, tissue paper and print outs.

{As seen earlier} I hung a sign that read "u r loved" over the dresser in me and my sister's room for her to read and be reminded.

And even over the bathroom door, I couldn't resist reminding everyone how much I love them.

I'm not sure how long we'll leave these up, especially this last one over the kitchen sink because it seems to bring even move love and life into the place ... but I hope they'll stay put for awhile.

I also went crazy crafting and crazy baking in lue of Sunday, handmaking each Valentine's card and baked two boxes of cupcakes to sweeten up everyone's day ... all of which I'd gladly do once again if only to remind the one I hold dear how much they mean to me with the simplest gestures. How did you tell the ones you love how much you love them?


  1. That's so cute and creative!!

  2. love love how you processed these! can you share what you did/used? has a vintage quality i love :)

  3. these are just so anthropologie! love them!

  4. i gotta do this next valentine's day. :) i love craftiness & love.

  5. super cute and creative! love the last one! :D