Apr 20, 2010

Portraits: Maryland Cru Women's Time

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is vein
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. - Proverbs 31:30
Over the weekend I was asked to spend an evening taking photos and fellowshipping with 24 beautiful, and amazing ladies. I felt like I was taking pictures of a sorority of some sort, but better.
These wonderful women are the ladies from Maryland Univ. 's Cru. And though sorority sisters they are not, they are sisters in Christ and have a bond like no other. Each of these ladies are gorgeous both inside and out {my photos hardly do them justice}, and my-oh-my are they a pleasure to be around.

Because I was dying to bring out their inner models {I knew they had it in them}
... we pretended we were shooting the cover for for the next Vanity Fair.
They worked it, soo well ... I'm thinking these girls need a magazine of their own so they could get the center fold. HOT! hehe.

Not only are they all serious hotties, they are some of the most easy going, fun loving, never without a smile, gals I've ever met.
See what I mean?

Amongst this amazing group of woman, there are 4 super special gals about to graduate and break into the 'real world' as they say. These are the senior ladies at Cru, and after hearing a few of their plans after graduation ... I know God is going to do sooo much in their lifes and with their lives, my heart is so full of excitement for each of them.
{Top} Heidi and Christina
{Bottom} Jen and Cindie

Now meet the rest of the classes ...
The Juniors.

The Sophomores.

And The Freshman.

Each of these ladies were not only so much fun to be with,
they were simply the BEST while shooting.

Because when the rain started coming down .... they stuck it out,
gave me their biggest and best smiles,
and pretended to be soaked in sunshine instead of raindrops. These are my kind of girls.

Woman's time was no where near done after we got out of the rain, there was still dinner and more fellowshipping to be had.
A special little shout out goes to these two little ladies, Christina and Abby {my boyfriend's younger sister}.
Christina, you are ammazing for putting together such a wonderful woman's time and I could have not been more blessed by your simple invitation to come take pictures of you all and enjoy such great company. I love you!!! And Abby, you are the cutest grandma I have ever seen. Hahah. Kidding!!! I love you so much and thank you for this whole weekend. It is always great spending time with you {especially after a long week} and I'll make sure to come by the clementine house more often, because you girls are THE BEST!!
I love you both, and another sleepover soon???? pretty please? I'll cook breakfast ... and this time enough for the whole house, because next time I'll make sure everybody is home {Jenna, that means you!} !!!

Anyways, after dinner woman's time continued well into the night with a game of Partini, The Little Mermaid while painting nails, and bonding while brushing our teeth. Well, ok the last part was just me and a few of the girls in the Clementine house ... but still, it was definitely worth mentioning {Candace, I think you're cute too ... lol}
Needless to say, my time with these amazing ladies was the perfect way to end my crazy week, Praise the Lord.
To the ladies at Cru,
Thank you sooo much for letting me spend my friday night with you all, you girls are the sweetest, and possibly the best models ever ... haha. It's always a blessing being in your company and I pray that the Lord continues to grow you in love, and wisdom both individually and as a group. Even to the few girls who didn't make it that night, {you girls know who you are} ... this goes out to you too. You are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and don't you ever forget that. Continue to delight yourselves in the Lord and stand steadfast in your faith. Love you ladies and hope to see you girls again soon, Ica

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