Nov 11, 2010

Portraits: We The Gentlemen

This post has been a long time coming but it's finally here.
My boyfriend's adorable baby brother JJ, {above: 2nd from the left} has a band with a few of his friends.
They are amazing, so talented, and so much fun.
They write music and lyrics just for fun ... and if you don't brace yourself, you too could get hooked on these boy ... I could listen to some of the songs Jj's written for hours. Really, I mean it.
You boys are so blessed, thanks for sharing love for music and your talents with the rest of us.
Here's a song they recorded just minutes after our little shoot, so
Go check them and send some love their way, I promise you won't be disappointed.
JJ how you write these songs amazes me &
I'm so proud of you guys and keep it up k. Your music makes me smile and I know I'm not the only one. Just sayin.
Want more? Here's my favorite song of theirs.

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