Dec 5, 2010

Personal: A Crafty Little Christmas

I feel bad that I didn't blog a Thanksgiving post, because really it's my favorite ... but since that ship has already sailed let me just quickly jot down a few things that I'm thankful for because every day is still a day for thanks-giving... then I'll move on to the Christmas-ing.

I'm thankful for an ever gracious Savior, who's unmeasurable love amazing me every day.
I'm thankful for my family who loves and supports me on my best and worst days.
I'm thankful for a boyfriend, my best friend who prays me through every thing,
encourages and inspires me daily and makes me laugh and smile endlessly.
Lastly I'm thankful for having some of the most beautiful and wonderful people in my life,
My friends. You guys know who you are. I'd be no where without you guys.

Alright .... now, it's December and Christmas is inching it's way to our doorsteps. How have you greeted the season?
I pretty much greet the season with a slew of Christmas Crafts. Here's the first of my many crafts going on.
Paper ornaments. I hung these up in early November because as festive as they might be, these lovelies need no holiday ... they're wonderful for everyday decorating. I made mine out of an old thrifted book I used to make my sister's wedding table numbers, and continue to use for daily crafting, and packaging but really you could use anything!
Learn how to make your own here.
Of course where else would they be hung up? Over my lovely little couch that's been draped pretty twinkling lights.
I also took the liberties to by myself my first Christmas tree.
It's just my size.
Though I didn't have lights on it when I took this picture, a day or two ago I came home and my mom surprised me with a tiny little strand of Christmas lights for my mini tree. I love it so much I never turn it off.

While I'm at it, I also decorated my face with new Christmas bangs. Hahah. No, I'm kidding.
But I did get a trim and a new fringe for my face. I've had too much Zooey Deschanel, Brooke Fraser, and this season's Rachel Berry {for all you gleeks}.
Hugs and Kisses, and keep warm out there. December's got a cold like none other.

*I'll be sharing more Christmas Crafts within the coming weeks. Stick around and happy crafting!
If you love handmade gifts and crafting ... Make the Handmade Pledge along with me!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
If you can't make handmade, BUY handmade here: Etsy.


  1. You're so cute! Love all that stuff!


    you are precious. I need some of those little book hangy things. NEED!

    seriously. they would look so fab in my new apartment!

  3. i hope i will be one of those friends one day who know who they are.

  4. :) WE HAVE THE SAME BANGS NOW!!!! :) Love your paper ornaments! Can't wait to see what else you're making...