Jan 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Oh Shoot!

Hello again from Sunny California.
A few days ago I tweeted that while I've been here I've had or I've been to ...

‎"1 live show, 2 movies, 3 red velvet cakes, 4 thrift stores, 5 days down,

6 new dresses and 7 photoshoots. (California's been pretty good to me)"

And it's only gotten better since. Now it's Tuesday, my last full day here. {But a snow storm back home could change things* ... do a little snow dance for me please!}. All together I've done 8 shoots in total and still the work is not yet finished. After the weekend I took it easy and made Monday my play day.
I still have my last two shoots today and just like ever other shoot I've done here in LA these shoots are going to be AMAZING and I'm so excited!
Basically I've been spoiled rotten here. Working with the greatest friends {both new and old}, having the sweetest shoots with the most beautiful people, in the prettiest light, working for/along side/or with the most talented and creative people I know, in one of the most awesome-est states.
Yeah I've been a little caught off guard at how amazing this week of work and play have been, and frankly I'm sad it's almost coming to an end.

Here are a few of the amazing folks I've been working with please give them some love, listen to their sweet music, or take a gander at their amazing photos, or get your hair did by them ... this list is only half as long as it should be.



  1. get me a cd from hope! and me and mr. cassidy!!!

  2. sounds like it's been a fantastic trip! can't wait to see the photos! and i'll be doing a snow dance for both of us! {for you to extend your trip, and me to get a day off work! hehe}

  3. You're SO cute!!! :D:D:D:D Can't wait to see the photos from those shoots.

  4. awesomeness! can't wait to see the full sets :)