Jan 8, 2011

Personal: California

 Hello Friends.

So, I'm here in southern California 2 days into my trip and I've been completely overwhelmed with fun, sunsets, food, photoshoots, great thrifting, great music, great friends, new friends and lots and lots of laughs. It's been a whirlwind but I've loved every second of it.

As you know I'm out here to shoot basically a whole lot of beautiful people who play beautiful music or who act, I've been spoiled rotten if you ask me and I've still got five more days of this goodness. Here are a few teasers from the shoots I've done, the places I've been, and the fun that's gone down.
I've spent every day here in the company of my friends Hope and Scott other wise known as Me and Mr. Cassidy. 
My dearest Hopie is now a darling red head whom I'll be shooting tomorrow all day...
.. we've had some pretty sweet memories already and lots and lots of yummy food.
Here are a few teasers from my shoots this week, first with new friend Scott {Mr. Cassidy}.
We even got to squeeze in a shoot during the most magical sunset.
And today I got to do headshots for this beautiful blonde bombshell, the lovely Bridget.
Venice beach was so good to us this afternoon, we had ourselves a blast.
Very Bridget Bardot right? Go figure her name just happens to be Bridget too.
Oh Bridget... you're too stinkin cute!

Well that's it for now kids, sorry I'm blogging sans any logos ... my mom let me borrow her laptop for my trip and I don't have my logo on hand. Hope you enjoy zee teasers and Happy Weekend to you friends!

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