Jan 3, 2011

Best of 2010

Looking back on my Favorites from 2009 I feel like I'm a completely different person, behind the camera and in general. Life has taught me to see things a little bit differently, cherishing each fleeting moment that much more, rising to each new challenge, and it's reminded me to always have fun in work or play.

2010 has proven to be the most challenging year for me yet in this business and I know I'm better for it. I've been soo extremely blessed to have had all the best clients, friends, and family support me this year so thank you times a million and this post goes out to you.

Hope you enjoy my favorites from 2010!


  1. These photos are really great irene!
    Your style is so beautiful. . .quirky, playful, romantic. There's a lotta love and warmth in your photos.

    Keep up the amazing work.


  2. All of these are amazing. Love them! :D I adore the 2nd & 3rd.

  3. thanks guys!!! you all are amazing!