Jan 4, 2011

Personal: West Coast Adventuring

I'm taking off for my first adventure of the year, tomorrow.
I'm headed back to California for a week of awesome work. Yes work and I'm extremely excited.

I'll be all over the Santa Monica/Hollywood area to do a week of photography work for my friend, Hope, her talented singer/songwriter friends, and actors...And to simply have a good ole time, how can you not when it's California!

Talk about a new year right? It'll be a complete different experience for me getting to work with musicians all week at live shows, during recordings, backstage, and for promo and album photo shoots. I'm glad to be starting the year off with such a fun challenge. If you're reading this please pray for me! I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly nervous yet 100% thrilled to be taking such a different path with my photography. It's going to be quite a ride.

{I took these photos in Santa Monica last summer}

If you need to get hold of me this week, or want to shoot me some sweet "pre-game" tunes, or if you want some album photo work or something like that done, or want to mozy in to Hollywood with me for some AMMMAZING live music this week ... just email at ica.images@gmail.com k! Have a great week friends! I'll be checking in from time to time over the next week so stay tuned!

PS. It's already been 4 months since my sister's wedding? And it's exactly 2 months till my birthday ... time is surely flying!

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