Jan 31, 2011

Wedding {The Details}: Ken and Rebekah {Valley Forge, PA}

I'm a little unsure of how to blog this wedding I was able to second shoot for my dear friend Lydia Jane. Because frankly I was on detail duty all day and let me just tell you I was seriously like a kid in a candy shop. To read about Ken and Rebekah and see more of their wedding pictures hop on over to Lydia's post of their wedding {I didn't do their love enough justice like Lydia}. 

Now stick around for the details .... I still ooh and ahhh over every single one of them.

Then the reception of all receptions at the National Christian Conference Center.
I walked in and nearly fainted, it looked exactly like a set up from my favorite store in the whole world. It was love at first sight.
And the cherry on top: The most adorable photo booth ever!

Dearest Lydia, thanks for bringing me on another wedding adventure/road trip and for sending me to the reception site while you worked with the lovebirds. This has got to be one of m favorite reception decorations EVER!

To Ken and Rebekah, you're love, your families, and your wedding 
are all so beautiful and I'm blessed that I was able to be there on your wedding day.

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  1. You just commented on my blog; the famous gal from Jessica Shae's lovely photos who has her OWN stunning blog, wow! Hi, nice to meet you, Irene. :) And seriously, stunning blog of beautiful photographs.